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I Got you, Moonlight, You’re my Starlight

winter outfit-camo pants-bleach dyed sweatshirt-brown dr martens

I know, there’s a lot going on here 😉

What I’m Wearing…

* DIY Bleach Dyed Sweatshirt / black hoodie from Lee – I made this last year at the beginning of lockdown and still love it – it’s SUPER easy to make.
* Camo pants from DL1961 also seen here with my I’m Speaking DIY Tee and here with sneakers
* Furry black beanie
* Plaid Coat from a few years ago… but this coat is pretty cute and on sale now
* Brown Dr Martens lined with faux fur
* Barton Perreira sunglasses
* Marc Jacobs pillow bag

* Skates // Light Grey Moonlight Rollers Mirror Ball (grey) – which are sold out now, but the green, Emerald City is still available! And so pretty!

* Title: Dua Lipa – Levitating Featuring DaBaby

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I was clearly trying to see just how many prints I could get away with mixing in one outfit, LOL, but I mean, TECHNICALLY, the bleach dye and the camo print are similar in style, but different in color and since the plaid coat shared all the same colors, I thought it actually worked and I really liked this outfit… AND, I had no intention of talking about skates in this post but then my Moonlight Rollers skates FINALLY ARRIVED and so I had to go out and roll and include my first impressions as I did with my other two skates because it just wouldn’t have been fair not to (If you’re interested here are my first impressions of my Pink Moxi Lolly Skates and my light blue BTFL Skates).

I’m sorry if I’m totally boring you with all of this… eventually, once I can review all the skates, I won’t be posting about it as much -or maybe I will, who can tell? 😉 My new Tik Tok account is meant only for skating videos so I can share without feeling like I’m overwhelming people who don’t really care about it, but I still share on Instagram as well. I can’t help it. I’m simply sharing my truth and the truth is…

I’m having so much fun and it’s such a healthy hobby in so many ways that I never want to stop!

I often wonder why I didn’t start sooner? …and then I realized I was scared my bad left ankle wouldn’t be able to actually handle skating, which is why my nearly brand new white Chicago skates were sitting in storage for so long. Thankfully I was completely wrong and I’m so happy about it, and now I can’t get enough. But again, once the initial reviews of all the skates are done, I can just go out and really enjoy all my new skates… but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it is what much of my thoughts are at the moment. I’m even trying to figure out a way to build a roller rink up here in Lake Arrowhead, or figure out how to get the local park to do it for me 😉

Let’s Talk About the Skates…

grey suede roller skates, moonlight rollers, mirror balls, skates grey suede roller skates, moonlight rollers, mirror balls, skates
grey suede roller skates, moonlight rollers, mirror balls, skates

I have finally found the smoothest area to roller skate up here which is a blessing because the wheels that come on the Moonlight Rollers are 82a -durometer (which is supposed to be an indoor/outdoor wheel), but I find that anything higher than a 78a just will not roll nicely on outdoor surfaces UNLESS it’s really slick. And luckily this is pretty good, but still not my favorite.

SO let me just say I love these skates. They’re so pretty and I love the moon cutouts on the side and these were the first skates I bought. However, shipping took forever so they were the last skates I actually got. And now, of course I compare everything to my Moxi’s because it’s really hard not to, but these boots are really pretty comfy. They run WIDE, however the left boot was pushing on my outer foot and causing some pain that I didn’t expect due to the wide width. None of my other skates press on this point, but other than that, they’re comfy. They’re super padded like the BTFL skates, however have WAY MORE support than the BTFLs, which are pretty floppy, but I do like that boot as well for different types of skating.

I sized down one size like I do with all my skates (I wear a woman’s 9 and I wear an 8 in skates -but always have a bit of room in front of my toes-I wish they had half sizes), but because they’re so wide, it almost feels like I could have gone down two sizes. Still though, my toe sits where it’s supposed to so I think just setting an insole in the skate will help with this.

I love how the tongue has a stabilizer (a loop to slip the laces though) so it stays put, though it’s so thick it would probably stay pretty well. That’s probably the only annoying thing about my pink Moxi’s, the tongues slips to the side pretty quickly and the laces loosen up and within 30 minutes I’m sitting down and retying them.

The only thing I really don’t love about these skates are the wheels, which is an easy change. I’ve already purchased new wheels but I’m still waiting for them to arrive and I wanted to give an honest review of all the skates stock before I swapped anything out. But I imagine once I change the wheels I’m going to LOVE these Moonlight Rollers.

All the colors are sold out right now but the emerald green, which I really love. It wasn’t available when I bought mine so they must have just restocked, but they have some really cool color options and prints (like snakeskin) that none of the other brands are offering.

Hopefully I can film a youtube reviewing all my skates and then have some fun changing up the wheels and bearings on a few and get rolling! It’s still really cold so I am truly looking forward to spring and summer this year in a way I have never before.

Here’s my Tik Tok of me testing out the skates… it’s always a little iffy the first time you take your new skates out because you’re not sure how the wheels are going to react, etc. so I don’t move around too much or do anything crazy, just feeling them out.


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♬ Levitating – Dua Lipa

winter outfit in the snow in lake arrowhead, camo pants, bleach dye tie dyed black hoodie sweatshirt, black beanie, docs, outfit with dr martens, lake arrowhead snow

new moonlight roller skates, camo pants in the snow, bleach dye DIY sweatshirt, lake arrowhead, mixing prints, fashion blog

new moonlight roller skates, camo pants in the snow, bleach dye DIY sweatshirt, lake arrowhead

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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