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What I’m Wearing…

* Blue denim coveralls from Lee Vintage Modern – STILL MY FAVORITES! I size up in these to a medium because I like them to fit a little baggy and also not ride up when I raise my arms (I’m 5’7″). These have shrunk a little in the dryer over the years and fit a little bit more snug, but they have a hint of stretch, so they’re good. They don’t make them with the “stains” anymore, lol. But they still have this color denimm and also have tons of other colors now and I want them all. I have vintage olive and corduroy but I also want the pink and the light grey… I literally put these on whenever I just don’t feel like getting dressed but still want to feel cute 🙂 I prefer them in warmer weather with Vans, but they’re pretty cute layered over a long sleeve with my Docs.
* Old white thermal undershirt
* Vintage oversized cardigan… also seen here
* Brown “Serena” dr. martens with faux fur lining
* Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag

* ROLLER SKATES : light blue BTFL with hybrid (indoor/outdoor) wheels

* Want $10 off at Fritzy’s Skate shop (they’re dropping lots of Moxi Lolly’s lately!) Use this LINK for your code!

* Title: Beatles “Blue Jay Way”

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I’m sure it’s only funny to me but both days on which my skates arrived, I was wearing coveralls. My pink Moxi Lolly’s arrived the day I was wearing my green corduroy coveralls and my blue BTFL skates (seen in this post) arrived the day I was wearing my blue denim coveralls. Both of these were days I wasn’t going to document my outfit since I have worn and documented these coveralls so many times, I’m sure it’s boring by now, but alas, my skates arrived and I had to go try them out which ended in documentation, of course. So yes, you’ve seen me wear these a million times before and no I don’t wear them every day… but honestly, I would if I could since they’re so comfy 😉

denim coveralls, blue roller skates, btfl skates, roller skating

Anyway… MY LIGHT BLUE BTFL SKATES ARRIVED AND woah are they different from my pink Moxi’s and this is definitely as fun as I thought it might be! Comparing skates, that is… and my Moonlights are supposed to arrive tomorrow and I cannot wait to feel the difference in their boot and wheels.

If you’re interested, you can check out my original skate post where I listed the skates I’ve purchased and why and now that I’ve gotten two of the three pairs I ordered, I can see how they compare and contrast to each other and my original old Chicago skates.

Eventually I’ll do a full post on the comparison between them as well as a youtube video just because I think it would have been helpful to me when I was searching for skates. I watched a ton of reviews and they were helpful, but not always really that detailed I guess and I couldn’t find any reviews on these BTFLs… and honestly, they’re not bad skates at all. The boot is SUPER comfy and padded and fits a little better than the Moxi’s (I wish Moxi had half sizes) and these are sized in women’s and men’s, making it easier to get the sizing correct, however, as padded as the boot is and especially the ankle and heel, there is very little support in the heel and ankle, which actually has pros and cons.

I’ll start by saying that I’m overly concerned with ankle support because of my bum ankle (actually I have a random extra bone in my ankle and it’s been swollen and hurting on and off for about 10 years now), but having a little less stiffness around the ankle happens to make it easier to do certain dance moves. So, while I probably wouldn’t take these long distance skating, they’re great for rhythm and dance skating – and don’t hurt my ankle – but adding an arched insole might help with support. Also, the 80a (a=durometer – hardness of the wheel) compared to the 78a on my Moxi wheels, makes them better for skating indoors or on slick outdoor surfaces and easier to learn dance and practice drills on than my Moxi Lollys.

All of this is probably boring to you unless you are looking for roller skates, and if so, I’d say they are a pretty quality skate if you like a softer boot for more versatile movements. The toe stop is adjustable, so I made it shorter so I could try dance moves you can’t do with a larger/lower toe stop.

I actually love the wheels. They’re surprisingly “gummy” for the 80a and the edges are really rounded, making them great for dance skating… though I think I need to break the bearings in because they’re a little wobbly even after tightening the trucks. As soon as the wheel spins to my liking, they wobble a little too much, so I’m going to have to look into that. Also, I don’t love the laces, but that’s an easy swap. I have a few pairs of derby laces to switch them out. I just don’t want to alter any of my skates until I do a full review on them with all of their stock parts.

So… all in all, they’re fine skates and a little lighter (in weight) than the Moxi Lollys… however, overall, the Moxi is a nicer quality skate. It’s almost like comparing designer shoes to less expensive non-designer shoes. You can see and feel the quality. HOWEVER, I’ve found them really great for practicing dance moves and drills in the house, which I can’t with my Lollys.

I tried to wear them the other day at the park where I normally wear my pink lolly’s and took one roll and had to take them off. They’re not great for any outdoor surface unless it’s really smooth, I think anyway, even though they say they’re indoor/outdoor wheels. So no park skating or boardwalk skating on these unless you change the wheel to a 78a.

It really comes down to how you want to use your skates. Do I think as a beginner you need the most expensive skates? Absolutely not. And actually if you’re a beginner, you’ll be falling a lot, I’m sorry to say, that’s just a fact, so I’d start with a less expensive skate that you won’t care about scuffing or ruining while you learn then upgrade when you feel you’re ready. But it’s difficult to compare them to the Moxi because they’re honestly just completely different.


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♬ Dissolve – Absofacto

They felt great on this smooth surface after I loosened the wheels and tightened the trucks. Also, I started a TikTok account only for roller skating!

lee vintage modern denim coveralls jumpsuit unionalls

In other news, I’m just putting the finishing touches on my DIY project room at my office and will share soon and Chad is almost finished with my bathroom there as well and then boom, the whole thing will be done. It only took uuuuuh, 3-4 months. UGH. But that’s okay, I’ve been loving working there!

lee vintage modern denim coveralls jumpsuit unionalls

light blue btfl roller skates denim coveralls jumpsuit

Happy Tuesday Lovecats!

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