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If you consider yourself a savvy shopper who researches products and prices, are willing to wait to find the best prices, and someone who values a good deal, then you will be super stoked about this new shopping site called Joinem.

­Joinem is a brand new digital retail store, offering a full array of products across different categories. Expert merchants curate from a selection of over 250,000 brand name products like electronics, home office supplies, small kitchen appliances, sporting goods and more, and then offer guaranteed savings off the lowest online price on EVERY product they sell AND they’re launching publicly TODAY!

What’s even more exciting is that Joinem is based on a group buying effort.

What that means is Joinem makes it fun and easy to join forces with like-minded shoppers to lock in guaranteed savings off the lowest online prices on leading brands.

They call it WePower™ ~ when you see something you like or want to buy, click “join the buy” to lock in the power group price, and when the target number of buyers is reached, everyone gets the product for the lower price. You can shop together and save together and when you invite friends, you get $5 Joinem Bucks credited to you account for each friend who becomes a new member and makes their first purchase. Plus, you can enjoy extra savings with Joinem Bucks right from the start because you get 5 of them just for opening a free account. And the only thing easier than earning Joinem Bucks? Spending them. Joinem Bucks are as good as cash on Joinem. No math required ­­ 1 Joinem Buck = $1.

It’s kind of like buying wholesale really, if they get enough buyers on the particular item, the price per unit drops and you save!

Here’s the breakdown…
1. Sign up for free
2. Shop their store
3. Buy together
4. Earn & Save

Sound confusing? Watch below and see for yourself…

Shop. Save. Together Joinem from Joinem on Vimeo.

Kind of cool, right?

I think it’s probably best for high ticket items like computers and tablets, flatscreen tvs, electronics and gaming… those expensive items offer the biggest savings, but there’s great baby stuff and home goods items as well as tools, bbqs and garden supplies too AND they’re adding more retailers and products every day. With all the fun music festivals coming up, going in together on some camping gear would be super smart!

Fitness roller

Since I’ve made a strong commitment to fitness this year and have been working on my abs, core, and posterior {which I’ll hopefully share with you soon} I’m pretty interested in some of the sports and outdoor products they offer to take my fitness game to the next level.

Using a fitness roller

I already use {and have been for years} a pro foam roller {similar version seen in the photos} and I absolutely LOVE IT. It’s mostly meant for massaging and working out sore muscles, and I do use it for that, but I also use it to help me stretch and do core and leg work -every night before bed. If you note the way I’m using it for my core and lower body, you can visibly see how my arms get a workout too without even trying!

I use a really dense roller, but this may be uncomfortable for you if you’re not into a deep tissue massage feeling. Opt for a “softer” roller if that’s the case. Using a foam roller is just part of my fitness routine, but it’s my favorite part! You can learn more about how to use a foam roller in this Foam Roller Exercise Video.

Fitness roller

I’m also thinking about purchasing the following for my fitness needs:
* bluetooth speakers
* Waist trimmer
* 5lb ankle weights
* fit ball
* waterproof camera {which has more to do with paddle boarding on the lake this summer, but that’s a major workout too, so I’m including it in my “fitness needs” :)}

So Let’s Shop Together and Save!

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Find Joinem socially #joinem / @JoinemNow on Twitter / Joinem on Facebook / Joinem on Instagram

* This post is brought to you by Joinem.


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