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I’m late for a jean-folding seminar . . .Let’s locomote!

long black 90s dress worn over a t-shirt with strappy wedges+sharp

90s long black dress and strappy wedges+tom ford sunnies+filter

long black 90s dress over a t-shirt+pour la victoire strappy wedges+filterdarker

Tom Ford Anouk Sunglasses+dress over t shirt+90's dress+long hair

90s black long dress with t shirt - pour la victoire wedges+sharp+filter

What I’m Wearing
* long black dress {the top is suede the rest is stretch} …purchased in 1994 when I was 18 though I can’t remember where from and the tag is gone now too. I soooo LOVED this dress and never wore it so casually as I have today actually. I wore it to the American Music Awards {in 1995} with “fancy” shoes and to many other “dressy” occasions. When I found it the other day while on the hunt for something else, I hate to admit I got a bit excited knowing that I wanted to pair it with a little T for an ultimate modern 90’s look.
* Forever 21 heather grey basic tee
* Pour La Victoire Tarissa wedges {courtesy of Pour la Victoire} …though the Rouge bootie I’m coveting would look pretty fabulous as well.
* No jewelry other than rings worked with this because it has such a minimalist feel so I left it sans trinkets
* Tom Ford anouk sunglasses

* Title: quote from the movie Reality Bites

…because what’s more appropriate with a dress from 1994 than remembering the very best movie from 1994 as well?


As mentioned the other day, I’m currently a community leader over at BlogFrog SoCal Family Connection and yesterday I posted a few questions about fashion, one being “What trend do you refuse to wear or what trend do you wear now that you said you’d NEVER wear?” …and I was kinda surprised to see how many women said leggings …that they’d NEVER wear leggings. I guess I was surprised because leggings have been in style for a couple years now …I’d even venture to say at least 3 and a staple in my winter wardrobe and I still love them for so many reasons I hope they never go out of style. Even so much as thinking of them as thick tights and wearing them with a dress is off limits to some. I wondered why until another member answered it was because she was in the double digits size-wise …but still, I think she’s wrong 😉 lol. Jump over and discuss with us.

louis vuitton azur noe bag

The above shot is at the dermatologist office …I had a follow-up appointment after work where they told me that while the mole they removed from my left calf was aggravated, it wasn’t cancerous. I guess that’s a good thing 😉


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