It’s friday

Friday is my favorite day. It means I no longer have the stress of the grind and I get to spend 2 whole days with my husband and dogs; LeRoy -my little, little and Bebop Pugman.

As the credits started running on Evan Almighty it started raining outside.
Hope it doesn’t flood.

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  • Luce

    January 31, 2014 |

    I debated within my mind to comment or not. I lost my furry friend last year (a cat of 17 years), a true companion to many of my life adventures. There is nothing I could say to make you feel better, or the pain go away but just this ONE thought that brings comfort to my heart:

    LeRoy was loved. Every day of his existence he was thought of with love, respect and he lived a life in which he felt needed. He lived the best life possible for a pet. In his later days, he wasn’t happy, he wasn’t himself and you were not happy and you were not yourself. Sadness is part of life, as so is death. He lived, he was loved. You continue to live, you continue to love.

    Chin up kid,
    Much love,
    Lucero Arechiga

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