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DIY Leather Peter Pan Collar or Necklace

diy leather peter pan  collar  necklace with pink bow

I know it seems like everyone has already done some sort of collar DIY {and I’ve done a few collar DIYs as well as an embellished collar diy myself} however, I kind of wanted a leather collar necklace and didn’t want to buy one. So obviously, I decided to DIY my own and document it to share with you all because, that’s what I do 😉 It’s really very easy actually and the leather gives the sweet & girlie Peter Pan shape a bit of edginess… which I always like. It’s very minimal, with the pinked round edges as its only design feature, but you can add studs or a little bling or slip a ribboned bow in the center if you wish as I have demonstrated above.

What You’ll Need…

leather peter pan collar diy -materials

* Leather… medium weight, if all you have is thin leather, glue two sides together to make it thicker. You need the weight so it will stay put and keep its shape.
* Peter Pan Collar Pattern – which you can eyeball and draw yourself, use an existing blouse with a peter pan collar as a guide or – download my Peter Pan Collar Pattern here. {Psst! Just cut out one side of the pattern, & flip it to use for the opposite pattern}
* Scissors & Pinking Shears
* Sharpie Paint pen {or anything that will show up on your leather} If you’re using raw leather, any pen will do.
* Bead Reamer {or leather hole punch}
* Jump Rings – I used oval rings for this project
* Lobster Clasp


leather peter pan collar diy-pattern-1

* Carefully trace your pattern onto the back or suede side of the leather {or on whichever side you will not be using as your front}

leather peter pan collar diy-pattern-pinking

* Using your pinking shears, cut the outer part of your collar necklace pattern out.
* Using your regular scissors, cut the inside of your collar necklace pattern out.

leather peter pan collar diy-2

* Using your bead reamer {or leather hole punch} puncture a small hole close to the end of each center.

leather peter pan collar diy-3

* Using one jump ring, through the holes, connect the two pieces of leather.

leather peter pan collar diy-4

leather peter pan collar diy-5

* Using your bead reamer again, create a hole in either end of your leather pieces.

leather peter pan collar diy-6

* Connect a jump ring and your lobster hook to one side… and a single jump ring to the other side. * If you’d like to be able to wear it longer, add a bit of chain on one side for adjustments.

leather peter pan collar diy-7


leather peter pan collar necklace DIY

NEW diy leather peter pan  necklace collar

peter pan necklace  collar leather diy

dress form-peter pan collar necklace-tassel curtains

Have Fun!

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