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Living Room Decor { in our old house }

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider

It occurred to me that I never posted photos of our complete living room in our last house… mostly because I felt like it was never complete. But since I’ll be referencing some of the furniture in upcoming posts and using it in our new house in Lake Arrowhead, I thought I’d finally gather up as many photos I had of the space and share it here.


* Old sectional sofa in beige was the first piece of furniture the husband and I bought when we moved in together in 2004. It was for our small condo, and with only one area that a couch would fit in, we had to have the manufacturer remove the arm/end of it to fit. We thought we’d buy a new couch once we moved into this house seen here, but since this one still “worked” we figured why bother. I always knew that this was a temporary rental house and didn’t want to deal with buying and trying to sell a sofa that wouldn’t eventually work in our “new” house. And when we finally did buy our houise, we actually brought this couch with us because our new sofa wasn’t ready for a few months. We lived with it in our living room {see it here} until our new sectional arrived and then rather than tossing it into the trash, we separated this old one… the chaise now lives in our master bedroom and the other half is in a little sitting area in our upstair hallway near the guest bedrooms. I’d say our $1200 was well spent.

* Ikea Expedit shelving cubes rule our house, lol. When we first moved into this house seen here, we had a 5’x 5′ Expedit from our condo we were using for DVD’s. That went into the guest room and we bought a 6’x 6′ + two 1’x 1′ units {next to the orange chair} and used them as a room divider between our living room and our den or game room.

* The large artwork on the wall is a c-print by Nathalia Edenmont and was a wedding gift from my old boss at the art gallery. He was a very generous man {he also gave me his Oto chair when he was done with it}. {it is now hanging in our new master bedroom}

* The pendant light is Phrena Pendant Lamp from the MOMA Store… You can read more about it here. It is waiting to be hung in one of our guest rooms now. The other globe lamp is vintage sitting on nesting tables from West Elm {I bought in 2003 for my bedroom in an apartment I was living in}

* The longer we had the couch, the more pillows and throws made a home there.

* One of our ginormous flatscreen TVs was opposite the couch, next to the chair. I can always {generally} tell by looking at a photo if a woman lives alone or if she lives with a man — by the size of the TV in the room, lol

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider

…when we first moved in…

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider

…see the shorter Expedit shelving unit?… it was the 5’x 5′

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider, oto chair

living room decor, ikea expedit room divider
…The Christmas tree is in front of the 1’x 1′ shelves in the photo above…

…and the view from the den/game room

* See our old house before we moved in

* I may have more photos to add to this post at a later date… I just can’t find them at the moment.

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