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Losing All My Days Tryin’ To Escape You, But It’s Useless

Boho style_black cutoffs_top with bra showing_hat_balenciaga bag

What I’m Wearing…

* Black cutoffs by FRAME
* Lace up “Against All Odds” top by Free People
* Bra from the local Leroy’s … See it here with a white tee and black jeans
* Suede hat
* DIY Braided choker
* Butterfly sunglasses by 3.1 Phillip Lim
* Lindsay ankle strap sandals by Jeffrey Campbell
* Balenciaga classic town bag
* Red Lips by Lancome

* Title: Rebelution ‘Upper Hand’ always turning my head sideways, like I’m chasin’ clues… I wanna walk away but I know I am fixed on you… Here I am again, lost up in your maze, and it’s crazy… but then I caught your gaze, and it’s amazing… what you done to me. And here I am again.

I started reading The Alchemist again just last night, a book I always return to when in times of transition, because it always seems to have something new to teach me. Every time I read it, and it’s the quickest read ever, I get something completely different out of it than I did the previous time… a time of which, I cannot remember, of course. But I always know there’s a reason I randomly think “Oooh, I think I’ll read The Alchemist again” and find one of the many copies I have laying around the house and immediately begin reading it again.

And just as I suspected, after finishing just a few pages, it’s almost as if I’ve never read it before. And I have probably read this book, I dunno, at least ten times, if not more, so I obviously know the general storyline, but as soon as I begin, I know I’ve made the right choice because I find that joy of learning something new about myself or about life that makes me say “yes”. It’s as if the words change each time to speak to the exact thing I’m going through in that precise moment, a moment I’ve never lived through before, a moment that didn’t exist even moments before. Obviously, we see different things and make observations about whatever it is we’re going through in that moment, and therefore view things a certain way, but that’s kind of what’s so amazing about it… and recognizing it brings a new level of awareness.

I’m certain now, that this book is the very reason I started viewing life as a mystery unfolding, seeing anything and possibly everything as a clue that unlocks life’s hidden treasures. I think it’s what makes life so vivid, so beautiful, and so exciting too. I didn’t realize it until I started reading it again though, that IT-this very book- was what would map out my experience on this planet. I think the first time I read it I was about 15 years old, so at that point, I was in awe about viewing life in such a mystical way, that it gave me a certain awareness I hadn’t had prior, or even thought of probably, and changed my mind about this thing called life. I felt awake and pretty much in awe of everything, which I still do. Of course, as I read it again now, I see it so differently, having lived the way it taught me to, and gaining a completely different perspective on this very moment in time; now. It’s pretty amazing really.

It’s probably the reason I love movies with a similar theme, like Field of Dreams {and ’80s Kevin Costner, AF}… which I’ll watch any time it’s on, among others, but it just so happened to start last night as soon as I was tired of reading. 🙂

In other news: Frozen blueberries make fabulous late night treats.

boho look_black cutoffs_hat

boho style with an edge

open blouse with strappy bra_cutoffs

…that braid tho

cutoffs and blouse

boho chic

I’m loving reading all your answers/comments to my question on my July giveaway 🙂

Happy Friday Lovecats!

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