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#MondayMotivation // There is Meaning Beyond the Moment

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Whether I’m working at home or doing household chores, cooking, or stretching, etc., I have one of two things on in the background; music or some sort of motivational video (which could include Law of Attraction videos, business and entrepreneurial videos, personal growth videos, etc.) and I rarely watch them, I just listen. It comes from this place of wanting to constantly learn and level up my mental, physical and business game.

When my ex left and I found myself alone in my house a LOT, I needed the TV on -always. I usually opted for Sex and The City reruns, but something –anything on in the background was necessary to help me feel less alone. The first 6 months alone were the hardest in that respect. But soon I swapped the TV voices for music, which made me happy and was a really great distraction for awhile, especially in the summer months, when I always feel much more carefree and open.

After a while though, I needed more. It took more to keep my mind in a positive place and to help keep it from turning on me, I started watching and listening to tons of motivational videos and talks by personal health coaches, entrepreneurs, mindset and law of attraction authors and speakers; mostly by authors of books I’d read over the years, but some were newer as well, like Lewis Howes and Tom Bilyeu (who both interview a lot of the heavy mindset and personal growth gurus and have lessons to teach as well) and also, Gary Vaynerchuck for business.

I’m constantly searching and pondering and yearning to learn new things, and since I think mind/body are connected and also mind/body/success are also connected, all of these videos are helpful in one way or another.

I love Tony Robbins, because he’s like the OG life coach master, everyone knows who he is, but now there are so many MORE options which are all available on youtube, for free, and that’s just one of the reasons why the internet is amazing.

Anyway, I was just listening to this one below (which DOES happen to be by Tony) which just had some really great things to say about accepting the place we are in at the moment and realizing that we’re in the middle of it for purpose, whatever it may be, it’s here for a reason and that reason has more meaning and will be what gets us to the next place in our lives. Sometimes, even when we know these concepts, we need reminders, I certainly do, to keep me on track…

It forces me to look at my moment, past all the problems and pain and ask: If this moment is going to make me into something more, what is it? How is it serving me now? What can I learn from it? Am I open to leveling up or am I resisting the truth? Can I live with a sense of certainty knowing that this moment, even though it’s painful and out of my control, will benefit me greatly very soon?

Watch Tony Robbins: HOW TO START OVER below…

Not getting your dream gives you your destiny.

In the midst of this two year journey I’ve been on, where everything has been turned upside down, I have to keep reminding myself that there is purpose in it. There are lessons to be learned and though it’s challenging, I’m constantly asking myself what is it here to show me, how can I gain from this? Mostly I gain perspective and gratitude and remember all the times I looked back fondly on my past that led me to places I was then currently in (remember the journey IS more important than the end goal). I know that this is one of those times. I know there is meaning beyond this moment and the purpose, if nothing else, is to propel me forward into my future and happy place.

I was listening to an Abraham Hicks talk the other day about affirmations, referring specifically to the self-talk that goes on sometimes unknowingly within our minds all day, every day. Oftentimes, it is negative and filled with resistance and is clearly not very helpful.

To me, affirmations are more about convincing your inner self – your subconscious, to change a belief, mostly from a negative to a positive, and by saying them over and over again, we can reprogram our subconscious to believe the positive (the new belief) over the negative, old belief. It takes time, but I know it works. Some say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but the truth is, it takes more like 66 days, but if you consistently choose your thoughts and combat old/negative thoughts with new/positive ones, eventually, it does work.

For example, if you hear your inner voice saying something like THIS IS SO HARD, I’M NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE.
Change it to something instead like…

This is all to say DON’T GIVE UP. KEEP GOING. As hard as it may be, as challenging as it is, DON’T GIVE UP. Keep at it… I think sometimes we give up right before it gets great. If we keep at it just a little longer, it will all unfold for us and give us what we’re waiting for. Patience for me is the hardest part. I don’t give up, but I start getting really antsy and cranky and angry and those are just negative emotions that make the situation worse! Stay positive. It will all happen exactly the way it’s supposed to. There is meaning beyond the moment.

Happy Monday Lovecats!

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