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My Engagement Ring & Wedding Band | Morganite & Pave Diamonds

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I think I heard the phrase “So you’re sure you want to marry me” fall out of my then boyfriend’s mouth about 100 times the year leading up to my 30th birthday when my now husband popped the question and we got engaged. And during that year, I got to design my engagement ring and wedding bands. My husband just so happened to be friends with celebrity jewelry designer Cynthia Wolff so of course, there was no question where we would go to create what would represent our love for each other.

{press photos from Cynthia’s work below including Britney Spears’ engagement/wedding rings}

Britney wedding ring

LAWeddings Magazine Pave Diamonds

My first meeting with the brilliant Cynthia was really just for her to get a feel for what I was looking for. She has an amazing collection of vintage jewels including engagement and wedding rings, and after trying a few on we discussed exactly what I wanted mine to look like. In the following days I emailed her a number of detailed images of the direction I wanted to go.

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you may be aware that I am obsessed with all things vintage so I really wanted that to come across in my ring. I wanted something that had a bit of a 1960’s classic and timeless look but with a modern feel. I absolutely love the look of pave diamonds and micro pave is one of Cynthia’s specialties.

I got exactly what I wanted. I adore my rings.

engagement ring with pink stone

wedding rings-pink morganite-eternity bands

So here’s the breakdown…

The center stone in my engagement ring is a 3 karat rectangle cushion cut light pink/peach Morganite {aka: pink beryl, rose beryl, pink emerald, & cesian beryl} which was discovered and named after financier J. P. Morgan by Tiffany’s chief gemologist in the early 1900s. I chose a Morganite because I could really get more bang for my buck, so to speak, and I love the soft peachy pink hue. While it’s not necessarily inexpensive, it’s not as expensive as a diamond in the same size and cut. The cushion cut really exaggerates the hue and adds extra facets for sparkle. It’s been said that the Morganite strengthens the bonds of love and I just love that.

It’s set entirely in platinum {as is my wedding band} and completely surrounded by micro-pave — tiny round cut diamonds all the way around the band and along each sides. These are not chips but actual cut diamond stones {I counted 75 more than once ;}.

**NOTE: The total cost for this size/customization was between 10K-15K {not including the micro-pave wedding band}.

Here are some close-ups…

engagement ring with pink stone pave diamonds 10

engagement ring with pink stone pave diamonds 8

engagement ring with pink stone pave diamonds 4

engagement ring with pink stone pave diamonds 5

engagement ring with pink stone pave diamonds 1

pave diamond wedding bang pink stone

Go to for more info… or find Cynthia Wolff Jewelry on Facebook

A little more on Morganites…


Here is what The Book of Stones” reads: Morganite is also called the ‘Pink Emerald’ and is recommended for all those who wish to do serious inner work and emotional self-healing.

Spiritual: assists one in connection to Divine love and the angelic heart. It helps one to be receptive of the loving words, actions and energy of others and to be less protective of one’s emotional vulnerability. It teaches protection through love, rather than fear.

Emotional: can aid in recognizing the emotional patterns of judgment, fear-based self-protection and manipulation that may make meaningful relationships difficult. It can help one attract one’s soul mate or deepen one’s current relationships. It can be used to bring feelings of peace and acceptance when one is facing grief or deep loss.

Physical: it’s energy supports the physical heart, strengthening it’s energy field and helping to establish the heart’s natural dominance in the aura.

Affirmation: “Divine love enters this world through the gate of my heart”.


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