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yellow tree-fall leaves

When we moved here in at the beginning of last Winter and fell in love with the snow, everyone we talked to agreed that Fall was their favorite time of year. And now I know why… the trees and colors are just incredible! Since the big tall pine trees stay green year round, the smaller leafy trees that are all changing colors right now really POP amongst them. The colors range from bright yellow, to lime green, to orange, rust, red and even PINK!

And while the scenery is quite beautiful, I think Winter, with it’s glistening white snow, remains my favorite time of year… it’s like we’re living in a snow globe {and I can’t wait!}

sweatshirt by the lake

My sweatshirt casual outfit from the other other day.

pretty walkway

We walked along a lower level of the village the other day, an area that I didn’t even know existed and found a Pilates studio, dance studios and classes, an adorably girly little boutique full of ballerina costumes, ballet shoes, tutus, hanging fairies and anything any little girl would pretty much scream over and I can’t WAIT to take Delilah in there! We walked passed an art studio with a watercolor class in the works and even a nail salon.

As we continued around and to the upper level of the village, I walked into the visitor center and and asked if they had any information on piano teachers in the area. In fact I’ve been looking for a few months now and only found one male instructor online, and later realized I’d rather take classes from a woman just to be safe. And to my surprise, THEY DID! I went home with the name and number of an voice and piano teacher and instead of leaving the post-it on my desk for weeks before actually taking the initiative, I CALLED! I met with her, at her house/studio -which is literally 2 minutes from our house- and begin piano lessons next Friday… and I’M SO EXCITED!

halloween nails

This year’s Glam Halloween Nails

house in the woods

Houses in the woods | It had been a while since I added one to the series and this house in person is really so cool! What you can’t really see from the photo is that half of it sits ground level above, and the other half is lower. I love the stonework vs the mid-century modern feel.

fall outfit-gray brown black

A wintery-Fall outfit from when it was freezing last week. I love wearing black, gray, and brown together. It’s funny because wearing black and brown, like wearing black and navy together, were fashion no-nos for so many years, but they’re just so good together, I wonder why the rule was ever made?

cherry eyeballs-halloween halloween crafts

Halloween Eyeball Kabobs {made with cherries} at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Halloween crafting with my mom last weekend. I was helping her cut out and create the pumpkins, bats, ghosts, etc. for Delilah’s spoooooky party dress.

delilahs halloween dress

And the dress my mom made for Delilah for her 4th Birthday Party last weekend. I can’t believe she’s 4 already and such a big girl, though she did get upset whence the pinata was beaten to death, which was quite hilarious from this auntie’s perspective, lol! She looked adorable though and while in the past she’s always been a little shy, when she saw me walk in, she screamed MAEGAN and ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. IT WAS SO CUTE I ALMOST DIED. 🙂

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

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