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MY INSTALIFE RECAP | WEEK 12/15–12/22 with Tim Gunn ~ IN PHOTOS

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me and tim gunn

Even though our heads are a bit warped in this photo, a photo op with Tim Gunn is something you just don’t turn down!

*I’m wearing a sporty dress by Greylin, my SMYTHE camel coat {not seen: see it here} and Rosegold boots. I actually love this dress, it’s super flattering, but the outfit as a whole looked even better with the coat.

I met with four other fab bloggers {see below: The Curvy Fashionista, My Style Diaries, Neon Blush, and The Beauty Bean}, along with the fabulous Tim Gunn and P&G Beauty Ambassador, Marsha Chilko, for a little beauty event at Walgreens Saturday morning to chat beauty & style, awesome P&G beauty products, and prepping for the People’s Choice Awards red carpet #OnMyWay2Fab.

More posts will follow {in fact, I’m not sure I should be “sharing” just yet, oops}, but this is how I spent my Saturday morning, and what a lovely morning it was. Let me just say, which I honestly cannot express enough, that Tim Gunn is the nicest person on the entire planet. He is just as dapper and pleasant in person as he is on Project Runway, which as you may know, is my favorite show on TV. So it was a true honor to get to meet him and I am SUPER excited about his new show, Under The Gunn {Jan 16th on Lifetime}.

I ended up sitting right next to Tim and as we got up to tour the store, he helped me with my coat, resting it gently on my chair as we left. And when we returned, he made sure I didn’t sit on it by placing it on the back of my chair. Oh man, it was really sweet. Needless to say, he made a lasting impression on me 🙂

tim gunn and bloggers

Up until now, I’ve kind of avoided doing “blogger events”… I’m not sure exactly why, it just never felt right for me, but it was such a pleasure to meet fellow beauty and style bloggers, {some of whom I’ve followed for years} and I just may be open to more in the future. We’ll see.

LA skyline palm trees looking up

Since I didn’t want to get up at the crack of dawn {when I’m usually just falling to sleep} I drove down to LA on Friday evening, picked up my mom, and stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel for the night ~ because it was about three minutes from the Walgreens on Hollywood/Vine where I had to be the next morning. The palms are in the courtyard and the view in the morning was quite spectacular from the 9th floor where we were staying.

While waiting for our room service, we walked around the hotel a bit… I was actually really excited to see the Hockney pool, but sadly, it was a bit of a let down. I’m not gonna lie, the hotel in general was a bit dank. I hate to say that, and I know it’s super old and Hollywood history, and blah, blah, blah, but it just felt a little dirty. The staff was amazingly friendly, helpful, and the room service was pretty great too. It’s fun to stay in hotels in LA though because growing up there and living there forever {until now} there was never any need to stay… party at the bars, sure, but staying the night unnecessary.


christmas presents

Finally had some time today to wrap a few gifts and get them under the tree. I had three rolls of this snowflake paper from last year and thought if I added the silver ribbons, they’d match the tree. It’s working out, though it would be even better in a medium to light gray background 😉

snowy winter wonderland

The snow from last week stayed pretty heavily on the ground for a week or so… and then it snowed again.
I’m hoping we get one more good one before Christmas so it’s really white, but I’m not sure it’s in the forecast.

snowfall in the light weird snowman

Last Thursday it randomly snowed on and off all day, but melted before leaving any evidence on the ground… until about 7 or 8pm when it snowed for two hours only and left us with a little over three inches. We bundled up and walked out in it and I caught the snowfall by the tree lights… have you ever looked up when it’s snowing in the dark? It’s difficult because the snow tends to drop in your eyes, but it’s also really cool.

I was going to caption this weird snowman with only #hitcher but I ended up leaving it blank, with just a snowman emoji. It was a strange and weird sight sort of on the side of a road and looked like it had sunglasses and a face… and was trying to hitch a ride. but it was a snowman. lol.

winter cozy outfit crocs snow boots

Cozy and warm winter outfit ~ full details here: A Female Rebel, Can’t You Tell

Me and mom in Crocs snow boots: I’m in Duck Boots | She’s in Crocband™ II.5 Lace Boot

photo christmas ornament

This is a regram from the818’s instagram of us at my brother’s wedding, and I just loved it so much I had to regram it. #TBT 2007

mini pashli bag plaid nails

My new winter handbag + A GIVEAWAY FOR YOU! with Ricola

My shimmery plum manicure with plaid accent nails… which admittedly lasted two days before the top coat peeled off of the plaid wraps… and since the event DID happen {the one where I met Tim Gunn ;} I ripped them all off and simply used the OPI Have You Seen My Limo polish for a clean and profesh mani.

pink glitter ballet slippers

I found these tiny pink glittery ballet slippers for Delilah and I CAN’T WAIT to give them to her! I also found an amazingly adorable black tulle tutu, that has faux flowers WITHIN IT and a matching black leotard for her ballet classes. Both from The Studio Boutique here in Lake Arrowhead. OHMANITSSOCUTE. Seriously cannot wait to give them to her!

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one.


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