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puppies napping in living room

Fridays are for napping 🙂

blue and white living room

I LOVE the C California Style Magazine April issue with Scarlett Johansson on the cover, it’s so soft, summery, and pretty… see our most recent living room decor photos here.

bebop pugman

You just HAD to get TWO puppies, didn’t you… you could’ve gotten one but NOOO, you brought TWO home!
{Bebop’s the best with puppies, but he’s 13 years old now and he’d rather not be bothered ;}

delilah in ballet outfit

There is the CUTEST little ballet store up here called The Studio Boutique and for Christmas I got Delilah this ridiculously cute black leotard and tulle skirt with flower petals in it and she finally wore it and my mom snapped a few iphone pics of her in it that she sent to men… and then I died. … Check out the adorable pink glitter ballet slippers that went with it.

fancy pups

Our neighbors are the sweetest… and stopped by with fancy bandanas for the boys last week.


Ecco Domani sent me this gorgeous monogrammed vase AND stunning flowers with orchids and succulents and I just love it!

puppy at the vet

The twins had their first vet visit with us last week and did so well… I love this shot 🙂

trevor by the fridge

Trevor wants to eat EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME… he knows there’s food in this big silver box but it’s not for him.

randy sleeping

Randy looked like my own little puppy walker, sleeping in my lap while watching The Walking Dead finale last week.

PS. I get all my sweats and loungewear at Victoria’s Secret. They’re all soft, comfy, and last forever, though I usually opt for items without any branding, these are an old pair of sweats.

slashed sweatshirt diy view from the top

* My DIY Slashed Sleeved Sweatshirt I’m obsessed with.

* My view from the top Minimal Outfit in black, white, red, and camel.

snowy road and trees

We waited all winter for snow and it didn’t come until spring. But it was fun to shoot my diy and tomorrow’s outfit post in it because we captured the snow falling during the shoot. So magical 😉

leroy on striped rug

Missing LeRoy like crazy still… See the original photo in the Beachy Guest Room he helped me decorate.

trevor by the heater vent

The boys LOVE the heater vent in the kitchen. Whenever the heater turns on, they run over to it and sleep in front of it.

puppies playing

Boys will be boys but Trevor’s got tricks… and Randy gets so mad at him, lol. We have to break up puppy fights quite often, but they still love each other.

Happy Weekend Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely one. WHO’s excited about the season premiere of Game of Thrones tonight?!?!? I AM I AM! Can’t wait! {I’m excited for MadMed too, which I thought was tonight, but is next week. I wish it began when GOT ended though}


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