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My InstaLife Recap | Week 5/19-5/25 in Photos

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I now have over 20,000 photos on my iPhone. It’s a problem 😉 I had to upgrade my Dropbox account to accommodate . Dropbox is the raddest way, in my opinion, to get phone photos directly on your desktop. {um, I used to email them to myself} dumb. This is better. If you have a normal amount of photos, you can probably keep a free account. {don’t forget to download the app on your phone to sync them up}

I can’t believe it’s nearly the middle of the year and almost Summer as well. The warmer weather has got me nesting and realizing that when you live with actual seasons, there are reasons to redecorate for winter and summer. I’d never thought of it living in LA, but here, what worked in the winter, seems too heavy for the coming months. I’m excited to really be able to see the difference. It’s so fun.

And while our weather is gorgeous here right now, my heart and thoughts go out to the Oklahoman’s affected by the horrendous tragedy that happened last week… I hope you’re all safe.

green tea ice cream shabby chic flowers vignette
rustic colored ribbons black french bulldog in a sweatshirt

1. Eating Green Tea Haagen Dazs means that I ate all the chocolate and I’m desperate.
2. Went out shopping for the house yesterday and visited all my local favorites. There are some really amazing decor boutiques up here. This one is in Cedar Glen, though I never remember what it’s called, it’s HUGE.
3. Rustic ribbons, from the same shop.
4. LeRoy’s wondering when it will be warm enough for sweatshirt-free days. Soon Little, soon.

beachy living room

Our living room/sofa view at the moment… with the fresh snowballs on the coffee table.

steps line with flowers retro outfit, long hair
disneyland in the 80s, carousel horse pink flowers tree

1. Went on a hike the other day to clear my head and this adorable flower-line steps did it. It took two minutes before I smiled. Last Tuesday was like a crappy Monday.
2. Retro Summer outfit…
3. Throwback Thursday #tbt on my FAVORITE carousel horse at Disneyland. Must have been 1984. I was STOKED {if you can’t tell by my shit-eating grin} to finally get my favorite. I still remember it because it’s usually taken by the time I get to it.
4. A gorgeous pink floral tree… I thought it may be a Laburnum, like the yellow one I saw last week. Less flowers but the similar in shape.

lake through the tress, clouds in the sky

On a walk by the lake the other day… through the trees, the clouds and the water and the boat.

best kale salad ducks on the late, double date
on a boat, on the lake full moon at night, clouds, lake

1. I have perfected the kale salad… and it’s so easy. I wash the kale and break it up, chop tomatoes into TINY pieces {because I don’t like large bites of squishy tomatoes} and tiny chopped onions as well. I add some Rice Wine vinegar and a little bit of Paul Newman’s Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing and omg it’s so good and so easy too. obvee
2. Ducks on the lake… Double Date.
3. On Friday evening we went on our first jaunt on the lake… in with some friends in their boat
4. And we returned home on the boat in the dark. The moon was full and SO LARGE it cast a light over the entire lake. It was really magical. I feel like we live in Disneyland. And it’s crazy amazing. I’m not sure everyone here is as “smitten” with this place as I am, but it’s so different than any life I’ve ever experienced, it’s just tremendously exciting and new.

shells behind glass

Shells in a vase in our beachy guest room. See our finished room here {and comment to enter the giveaway!} See the before photos here.

Happy Sunday Lovecats!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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