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My Weekly Instagram Photo Recap // 9/29-10/4 2014

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Today has been such a lazy day and we’re all pretty much loving it… Since a selfie of me and the husband at the moment is FAR less adorable, I thought the dogs would represent our day much better.

frenchies laying on each other

Annd, since these brothers have been together since birth, they lay all over each other without much hesitation… it’s pretty cute and ridiculous really. One will literally walk on the other’s face while he’s sleeping and no f*cks will be given 😉

A Must-watch, of course…

Click here if you can’t see it: Trevor Dances to new Lorde Song well, kind of

LIFE motto from walter mitty

I’ll watch ‘The Secret LIFE of Walter Mitty‘ pretty much every time it’s on, and it’s been on A LOT lately, but I loved this scene where Walter opens the wallet and finds LIFE’s motto… also, DIY Sea Urchins on the wall.

teal coat-over the knee boots-altuzarra

My 6 Month Salvation with #TargetStyle post … three different looks with this coat.. but also THESE BOOTS ARE FROM TARGET! {and probably on sale by now!}

french bulldog snuggles

Saturday snuggles, it’s a thing.

vintage dress with statement necklace

Another Target Style look from 6 Month Salvation with #TargetStyle post… with statement necklace and sunglasses from Target.

frenchi face off

Ever since we had our roof installed over our patio/deck, we’ve been spending more time out on it and under it and loving it. These two have stollen the small patio “sofa” that we’ve had for years now {for a Frenchie Face off here} but I can’t wait until next Summer when our new decks are installed and patio redone and we can really buy some new patio lounge furniture with room for all of us… because omg I can’t wait!

soft low pony with bow

One of my favorite looks for fall… soft low pony with vintage bow + leopard coat

wet suit sheath dress with blazer

I love the idea of maybe doing a style series titled: What Should I Wear For… { insert event here } like this business fancy outfit perfect for upcoming holiday parties, because it may be really helpful. If I were searching online, I’d find it helpful maybe?

Monday dog face

This was our Monday dog face x’s 3

I’ll leave you with this…

tiny frenchie puppy in vest

It snowed about a week after we brought these two home, and since we were potty training them out on the deck, I thought they needed a little something to keep them warm. I bought the tiniest fleece vests at the local pet shop, which ended up looking like little dresses on them, as you can see, and needless to say, they were NOT amused. But we were 😉

Happy Saturday Lovecats!

* Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


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