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Nail Polish Comparison | Chanel vs Sinful Colors | A Tale of Two Charcoal Grays

nail polish comparison, Chanel vs Sinful Colors

A few months ago I picked up this charcoal gray nail polish color by Sinful Colors at the drugstore, actually named “Ardoise {Night Magic} 1037” and then a few weeks later as part of a Chanel gift set, received the Chanel nail lacquer, ironically named “Vertigo”. And when I looked at them separately I thought they were exactly the same shade of charcoal gray. But when I held them next to each other I realized the Sinful Color gray had more blue tones in it and the Chanel polish had more of a reddish hue, making it appear sort of taupey when held next to the bluer shade.

So considering the vast price difference between the two, the Chanel $27 and the Sinful Colors $1.99, I thought I’d test them out and do a full nail polish comparison.

nail polish comparison, Chanel vs Sinful Colors

I painted every other nail in one color or the other. My thumb, middle, & pinky fingers were painted with the Sinful Color. My first and ring fingers got the Chanel.

I applied two coats of each color and NO top coat. When I showed my husband, he couldn’t tell that I was wearing two different colors until I pointed out the difference. As you can see, some of the photos highlight the color differences, and others not so much.

In person, you wouldn’t notice at all that I was wearing two different colors.

nail polish comparison, Chanel vs Sinful Colors

If I had applied a top coat, they would have had a much nicer gloss to them, but I really wanted to test them both out without the extra help of a top coat.

These photos are from Day 1.

nail polish comparison, Chanel vs Sinful Colors

Three days later, and remember, with no top coat, I began seeing chips in the Chanel lacquered fingers first.

nail polish comparison, Chanel vs Sinful Colors

I’m still wearing it today, about 5 days later, and while every one of my Chanel coated nails are chipped to the point of removal, the nails painted with the Sinful Colors polish are just barely showing the tips of my natural nails at the edges, which is barely noticeable.

So while I am A HUGE FAN OF ALL THINGS CHANEL, in this challenge, I’d say the Sinful Colors polish for $1.99 beat the Chanel lacquer $27 BY A LANDSLIDE.

nail polish comparison, Chanel vs Sinful Colors

What do you think?

Fork over the $27 for the Chanel or save $25 and opt for the Sinful Colors polish?



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