Patience …if only I had a little patience

beige and navy and brown+louis vuitton speedy

belted blazer+navy and beige+LAMB heels+louis bag

belted blazer+LAMB shoes+louis vuitton speedy

belted blazer

belted blazer over navy dress+brown sandals and lv speedy

What I’m Wearing
* Vintage beige blazer …last seen here
* Eryn Brinie silk navy shirtdress …
* Van Cleef inspired alhambra necklace …from Etsy shop: NY Light Metals
* Asos boyfriend belt …kind of in love with this belt
* L.A.M.B. Daphine Studded Sandals
…from GILT
* Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses

I really loved this outfit. I stood, staring blankly in my closet this morning with zero inspiration or creativity and finally threw this together {as I do most mornings actually} but I really loved it. However, by the time I left work this afternoon, already cranky, then waited for the second day in a row at the Rite Aid pharmacy who still can’t seem to get my PRENATAL VITAMINS right, I was just done and soo wanted to get home. When this mood sets in, my photos become a “have to” instead of a “want to” and in my impatience, location gets thrown out the door and I just pull my car over anywhere and rush through my photos …which, if you don’t know by now, I take myself. And when I got home, sweating from the mad heat and finally uploaded my photos, I could tell that my impatience totally ruined what I thought {and felt} was a fun outfit …it just doesn’t come across and really, since I’m such a perfectionist, just pisses me off. But whatever, you win some -you lose some ….I am just sooooo glad it’s Friday! …AND October 1st.

And OMG PROJECT RUNWAY …tearfest. but I loved it.



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  • laura elizabeth

    October 1, 2010 |


  • Christina

    October 1, 2010 |

    I love your blog! Its such an inspiration to me to put a little more flair to my life every day! I love this outfit! You look amazing! Thanks for your blog.

  • anhesty

    October 1, 2010 |

    dang pharmacists! and yes i love this outfit as well. the diff layers. it has so much definition.

  • erin

    October 1, 2010 |

    um, yeah, i second laura elizabeth’s sentiment.


  • needleandstring

    October 1, 2010 |

    whaaa?? prenatal vitamins? i LOVE the outfit! especially the blazer!

  • little bits of splendor

    October 1, 2010 |

    Prenatal vitamins!???? What does this mean?

  • KK

    October 1, 2010 |

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! I had that kind of day yesterday. I feel you sister.

  • Anonymous

    October 1, 2010 |

    Prenatal vitamins……!!!!!??????

  • Craftmaker

    October 1, 2010 |

    Great outfit! You are trully inspirational!
    …and I must ask the same question as the ladies: prenatal vitamis?!?!

  • Meli22

    October 1, 2010 |

    Prenatal Vitamins? I got cold shivers up & down my spine- is this a roundabout way to say anything (hopefully)?!?!?!? I’ve noticed tiny little things in previous posts I was hoping were hints…

  • Anonymous

    October 1, 2010 |

    Maegan, you look awesome as ever and it does come across, i too love the belt

    Please tell us: ARE YOU PREGNANT?

    (fingers crossed)


  • Gillian

    October 1, 2010 |

    Prenatal vitamins?!?!?!?!? If that means what I think it means than I couldn’t be any happier for you if I tried. I may or may not have a hard time getting pregnant in the future, and I sympathize with you SO SO much.

  • Natalya's Closet

    October 1, 2010 |

    I love this dress/blazer/heels look, so chic! XOXO, Natalya

  • wonderchris

    October 1, 2010 |

    You are so funny!! You look AMAZING and you totally have the fun outfit vibe in your photos!!!

    Love it! Woohoo, prenatal vitamins!

  • bananas.

    October 1, 2010 |

    YES! OMG project runway!!! even I was crying WTF?! oh mando…love that guy.

    but gretchen…grrr! gretchen makes me cry with frustration and full on rage!!! UGH!!!

    anywho…happy friday! love the fit, legs, shoes and all that jazz!


    October 1, 2010 |

    Love the belt in this outfit!

  • Daniela

    October 1, 2010 |

    love this outfit! especially the blazer

    have a great weekend!

  • Jac

    October 1, 2010 |

    Great outfit. I love the beige and navy combo and the belt is great.

  • Tugba

    October 1, 2010 |

    U look gorgeous Megan 🙂 Love the belt around the blazer.


  • Maegan

    October 1, 2010 |

    PRE-prenatal vitamins ladies 😉 …don’t get too excited yet

  • Christina

    October 1, 2010 |

    I was just about to ask about those vitamins…!

    I think the outfit looks great, and perfect for weather here in Seattle the last few days (cold in the mornings and evenings, but warm during the day).

  • Glamour Bbey.

    October 1, 2010 |

    Love the way you wear the blazer!!

  • Ugly Stepsister

    October 1, 2010 |

    well, we all have days when we feel like that, the difference is you still look good!
    Smart of you to take pre-nates well in advance. Prepping the body and the mind.

  • Love + Marriage

    October 1, 2010 |

    I’ve been taking pre-natal vitamins for about 8 months and all I’ve gotten are longer nails and thicker hair. No baby yet!
    Project Runway…I had a tearfest too. Then it would cut to comercial and I’d be good. Then it would come back on and hello, more tears. My husband looked over at me like “More? Really?” I couldn’t help it.

  • PeaceLoveApplesauce

    October 1, 2010 |

    Oh, Okay.. Pre- PRENATAL VITAMINS.. You shouldn’t do things like that to us! 😉

  • Katie

    October 1, 2010 |

    Well it still comes across that it was a great outfit – love it when you throw something together and it just ‘works’ all day!

  • rockandglitter

    October 1, 2010 |
  • Redshoes

    October 1, 2010 |

    there is an awesome book called taking charge of your fertility. Just wondered if you’ve read it or heard of it. if not, check it out.

  • Miss Mae

    October 2, 2010 |

    I do like this outfit. The shoes and very sexy and your hair looks great!

  • Natalia Valerie

    October 2, 2010 |

    oooo love that outfit!!!

  • Veronika

    October 2, 2010 |

    you look gorgeous as always! I love everything about this outfit!

  • Iva

    October 2, 2010 |

    you look so beautiful. As always.

    and obviously I got excited too like the rest! LOL…I was even so excited last night when I read not getting knocked up “in a timely fashion” and I was like “OMG OMG OMG YAY YAY YAY” all over the house.

    this is still super good and still super exciting!! those pills can be like horse pills. are they purple/blueish?

    one step at a time!

    much much love always to you!!!

  • Leigh

    October 2, 2010 |

    Lady, just had to pop over here and say congrats after I saw you listed as one of the 99 Most Influential Fashion Blogs, right up there with The Sart and Garance and Style Rookie and all the other greats! How awesome and completely well deserved!!! You are a true style blog icon and you always inspire me.

    Just watched Project Runway on and I was a mess too! Mondo is amazing.

  • Lisette

    October 2, 2010 |

    Love the outfits! & Very nice blog =)
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Lots of love, Lisette

  • Caroline, No.

    October 2, 2010 |

    I was just thinking the photos look great – love that light in the first one.

    I saw this jacket in topshop and thought of you, it reminds me of the vintage blazer you have that you say you love but it’s on its last legs.

    good luck with the prenatals! x

  • Angela

    October 2, 2010 |

    Honestly, I love this outfit. The only thing that I would change is the belt wrapped on the outside the blazer. I think it would’ve been better just buckled around the shirtdress. Nevertheless, an awesome outfit!

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