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Photo Load Time Testing with the Pug and the Frenchie

Apologies for this interruption but my images have been loading way too slowly for my liking lately so I thought I’d do a little test comparing load times from a flickr direct as opposed to my own ftp direct ~ which is how I normally do it. I’m thinking flickr is going to be faster because the photos are technically already loaded to the internet making them pre-cached …or so I think. Let’s see .. .

These are our dogs …LeRoy the French Bulldog and Bebop the Pug

1* directed from flickr

leroy-bebop-april-fools, pug and french bulldog

2* directed from my own ftp {nice balls!}

3* directed from flickr




2* directed from my own ftp

I’m guessing this is why people leave blogger and go to other blogging platforms. It’s kind of a pain to have to resize the images from flickr but blogger is taking FAR TOO LONG to load my own ftp images. However, I like blogger better than many platforms for numerous reasons.

… thoughts?

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