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Remembering Bebop Pugman 2001-2015

old handsom pug bebop

We said goodbye to Bebop Pugman yesterday and we are feeling his absence heavily today.

Bebop was such a good pug and such a trooper through this life where it wasn’t always easy for him. He taught us all to “just be” and he will be missed terribly. We love you Bubba I hope you’re hanging out with LeRoy somewhere where you can walk and run and play again.

The husband and I thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my Facebook and Instagram posts yesterday… we read them all with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes.


bebop 3 LeRoy puppy

bebop with baby leroy

bebop pugman

Bebop was three years old when I met him and just about the cutest pug I had ever seen. He had a lady pug partner whom he had puppies with before becoming part of my family. He was the kindest and gentlest dog I’ve ever met with humans and with other animals, small and large. He was amazing with LeRoy when he was a puppy and shared a bond with him that was like no other. LeRoy knew he was stronger than Bebop, but also knew that Bebop was the alpha, somehow. When the nerves in his back gave out and he couldn’t walk anymore, he quickly adapted and walked around in his wheels like they were his own legs. After LeRoy passed in 2014 and Bebop was nearly 14 himself, he met his new brothers, Trevor and Randy, and though he couldn’t walk, he played with them and allowed them to pounce him like a champ.

pug and frenchies

bebop bubbles

bebop and leroy

cuddle brothers

pug in a jersey


Bebop was the best model…

thanksgiving pug








He was a Trooper in his Wheels…



fresh cut lilacs, pug in wheels

Even in the snow…

pug in wheels in the snow

With his new brothers, Trevor and Randy…










In this last year though, he slowly declined and went from his normal 20lbs down to about 13lbs which you can see in the photo above and below, sitting between Trevor and Randy. I didn’t take too many photos of him this last year because he just stopped looking like himself.


The Husband, The Hero…


The husband is the hero in this whole story really… he’s the one who changed Bebop’s diapers and diligently took care of him as he was aging and losing one function after the other. Bebop loved him so much… and even when he couldn’t see so well anymore, he always knew when Pep was in the room and would follow him around the house with his eyes.


We Remember Bebop Happy… Always, because he was…

Bebop’s got a brand new pair of wheels

And we’ll miss him terribly… and love him forever.

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