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Oxblood Flesh Triangle Reveal Nail Art for Halloween

Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nails_love tattoo

I don’t really rock nail art manicures too often anymore but simply stick with a few coats of my favorite classic red on my nails… pretty much at all times. However, when I added tiny crystal triangle studs to my deep purple manicure for my Halloween tablescape, I couldn’t help thinking how much better it would look if I could do a sort-of flesh-reveal at the cuticle. I’m sure it’s probably been done before, and I’m guessing by taping off the section, but instead of using tape, I just eyeballed it and used a small brush and my regular nail polish brush to create the effect. It wasn’t difficult, but it did take a lot of patience, but it’s my new favorite. I’d like to recreate it for Halloween but with black or deep purple. But for now, I used a rich oxblood red, richer than my classic red, which created a bit of a sinister look that I adored, of course 😉

It’s subtle and sexy and just a hint of nail art without being over the top.


Here’s What I Used…

Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nail art manicure -1



Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nail art manicure -2

Apply two coats of Essie Matte About You {or your favorite matte nail polish} and let dry

Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nail art manicure -3

Dip your fine nail art brush into your deep red polish and paint an X on each nail creating a triangle at your cuticle.

Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nail art manicure -4

Carefully fill in the remaining nail with two coats and let dry.

Finish with your favorite top coat.


And… Voila!

Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nail art manicure

creepy old hands 😉

Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nail art

Last weekend I wore my cut-out black maxi that I hadn’t worn since we were in Palm Springs in 2012… it was so so so long I had to wear it with ridiculously high heels, but I realized the hem was raw, so I was able to cut it and wear it with sneakers… YAY. I did leave it long enough to wear with moderate heels just in case I wanted to though.

black cut-out maxi dress_halloween nails

Oxblood flesh triangle reveal nailart mani

Have Fun! Happy Halloween!

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