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This is 40… At the Beach

black and white_beach_bikini

I woke up the morning of my 40th birthday with no real plans and thought, well, it’s just another day, and I’m glad it’s finally here so I can get it over with.

And then I remembered how badly I’d wanted to go to the beach all week, strike that… then I remembered how badly I’VE WANTED TO GO TO THE BEACH FOR-like-EVER… and decided it would be a fine day to spend at the beach and with my mom, considering my birthday is quite literally thanks to her.

The anticipation leading up to my 40th birthday has been a long and treacherous journey, starting somewhere around early December 2014, and two years after I moved from my only real home and a mile up this mountain, some odd feet from a lake. It was also around the same time when all my previous and ridiculous anxieties finally escaped my body and mind and left me feeling like I had been quite literally locked in a tower for much of my adult life, and then almost immediately regretted how much time I spent feeling trapped in a life that wasn’t my own.

This is all just to say that I’m glad the day has finally come and gone, and I can just say I’m 40 {which is crazy} but I did make it to the beach – for the first time in what felt like a lifetime, and had a brilliant time on the sand and in the water, even though it was chilly and overcast.

Bits of my day via Snapchat…

beach bound

palms off the freeway seashore and 35th street newport beach

toes on the beach_surfer on the waves

beach toes in the sand


Here’s to a fabulous year!

* Back to regular scheduled posting next week. Happy Friday Lovecats!!!

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