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In The Christmas Spirit… Decorating the Tree

decorating the christmas tree, living tree

So I caved to the drunkards and on Monday evening the husband and I got a tree. A big ol’ 8 foot tree. And actually, it’s really nice for a change because for the last four years we’ve gotten rather small flocked trees to fit our rather small living space.

…and this is how much 8′ trees cost in Los Angeles. We also paid $10 extra for them to slap on a stand. So even though they slashed the price, we ended up paying the original $129.

We found the perfect tree but it was a bit too big at the bottom.

…so, I actually “trimmed the tree”.

…and used the clippings for door decorations and sporadically placed vases full of branches around the house. Mmmmm…smells Christmassy.

…the beginning touches …the tree fits much better now.

…my new “M” ornament from the lovely and talented Shill …Thank you I love it!

…I went with white lights and pink lights and decided to do the entire tree in pink and white with silver and gold touches and a few lime greens in between.

…and I placed the cutest little crocheted turtle ever that Tiffany made {and I won!} on the tree branches because it fits perfectly and I love it so much!

I just love the way it turned out. But I’m thinking I need to go to my mom’s and steal all my pink ornaments from when I was a kid. I’m particularly thinking of a little white bird cage with pink birds and ribbons that my friend Rebecca gave me years ago in grade school. I’m sure my mom will cave too 🙂

{Now I just need to get to shopping for gifts because I have barely begun …eeek!}

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