Easy T-shirt Bathing Suit Cover Up DIY

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Inspired by this cute ruched jersey coverup from Victoria’s Secret, I grabbed one of my husband’s old white v-neck t-shirts, a pair of scissors, and started cutting. It’s simple and cute and a great upcycle DIY… who knew an old oversized men’s t-shirt could be so sexy?

What You’ll Need…

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -1

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -2

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -3

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -4

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -5

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -6

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -7

T-shirt DIY+Bathing suit slub cover up -8

*notes: if you want to make it look like the VS one pictured above, you can fold over the edges under the arms and stitch a simple tube all the way around. Stitching a ribbon or rope at the top of each side & pushing it through. Cut a hole at the bottom of the tube to push ribbon/rope out of, cinch and tie in a bow. Simple enough.
* If you want it to cover more in the front and sides, make your initial mark further up the neck line and make your side cut shorter as well.

This DIY took between 5-10 minutes …ridiculously easy!

And… Voila!

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Cotton T-shirt bathing suit cover-up-DIY-side-1

Cotton T-shirt bathing suit cover-up-DIY-pool-2

Have Fun!

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    lovess it! i think i will def do this when i get home today. i am def using old tee’s with even print on them that my hubby has.

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    Fabulous!!! I’m definitely going to try this. Looks super easy.

    I actually kinda like your DIY version better than the VS one. I don’t like stuff with ties. I know, weird…

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    Too fun!!! This one would be great for me. I think I’m making a trip to get a t-shirt this week. 🙂



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    Simple and beautiful. Love it!
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    clever, but I don’t think I would wear it 😛

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    OMG! That is a brilliant idea! Now I don’t have to spend a ton of money on one. I just steal my husbands favorite t-shirt!

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