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DIY // Make Your Own Romantic Ruffled Wedding Clutch Bag

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -4

Okay Lovecats, I’ve had this idea to DIY a pretty ruffled wedding clutch bag AND to give it away to one lucky bride, FOR-LIKE-EVER, but had the hardest time finding the perfect little base clutch from which to work with. But finally, a few months ago, I found it… and it’s perfect. It’s pretty but playful, and in a gorgeous ivory satin with a silver clasp with crystal flowers and an optional chain strap. But the ruffles make it not only unique and one of kind, but so much more special and the raw edges give it the perfect romantic touch.

The ruffles are similar to my DIY Christian Louboutin Petal clutch bag AND my DIY Petal Wedding Shrug {which I’m still not done with} BUT more ruffled rather than petalled, if that makes sense.

I really wanted to have it done before wedding season began, but alas, I was too busy to pull it off. However, June is wedding month, right, so at least I’m still within the parameter? Anyway, I’ve included a little step by step tutorial, but would love to make one bride a happy one by giving her/you the chance to enter to win it.

You can also check out my top picks for wedding clutches and bridal bags here, and though it’s a few years old, and the actual bags may not still be available, it’ll give you an idea for what you’re looking for for your own special day.

Here’s What You Need…

DIY Ruffled Wedding Clutch- 1

  • Pretty fabric clutch
  • Matching sheer fabric
  • Matching thread and needle
  • Scissors


DIY Ruffled Wedding Clutch-2

For a perfect frayed edge, determine which way your fabric weave rips, cut a small slit with your scissors, then tear till you reach the end. If you’re ripping on the proper edge {for lack of proper sewing terms ;)} you’ll get perfectly straight edges.

Make sure your strips are at least 2″ wide and about 3-7″ longer than your bag width… The amount of strips you’ll need will depend on the size of your clutch AND if you want to do the entire bag instead of just one side.

DIY Ruffled Wedding Clutch-5

Beginning along the top of your bag, fold a strip of sheer fabric not entirely in half -so that the top is shorter than the bottom, and hand stitch it along the edge, gathering as you go to create a pretty ruffled look. Hide your stitches as best you can under the fabric and along the bag closure.

DIY Ruffled Wedding Clutch-6

It should look something like this…

DIY Ruffled Wedding Clutch-7

Once your top ruffle is in place, you can fold the next series of strips in halves, then hand stitch them in place right down the center of each strip… using an easy running stitch. Your top layer will fold over, hiding the stitches.

DIY Ruffled Wedding Clutch-8

Continue layering on ruffles until you either like the look, or run out of space. Whichever comes first 🙂

DIY Ruffled Wedding Clutch-9

NOTE: This bag is definitely ivory, in the warm vs cool tones… the photos may differ from the actual color of the bag. The hero photo at the top may be the closest in color. It’s approximately 11″ x 5″

And… Voila!

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -1

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -3

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -1-

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -5

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -2

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -6

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -8

DIY romantic white Ruffled Wedding Clutch-with crystals

Enter To WIN This Bag for your Wedding Day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* Open to US, Canada & International BRIDES from June 13, 2016 ~ June 21, 2016.

* Follow the entry rules & instructions so you’re entered properly and Good Luck!

* Based on random drawing statistics.

Ruffled romantic ivory wedding clutch bag -7

Here’s the lucky Beautiful Bride with her new bag on her Wedding Day!

bride with custom wedding clutch bag - Ja

Have Fun & Good Luck!

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