Fall 2010 Outfits my style what to wear now

Take em both & there ya have The Facts of Life

burberry trench in arms+modern casual preppy with some sparkle+in the rain+door+gray boots

burberry trench+sweater vest+preppy+modern preppy+raining

burberry trench coat+jeans+sweater vest+boots+doorstep+rain

vintage rhinestone necklace+wedding and engagement rings+studded pave ring+stacking rings+the art of thank you book

at the gallery

sweater vest and jeans and boots+outfit+art storage+at the gallery+strawberry blonde hair

jeans and a button down and sweater vest and boots+at the gallery looking through the art racks

preppy sweater vest over a button down with jeans and boots in the gallery+sharp

What I’m Wearing …I’m so into grays and blues lately it’s crazy!
* Marc Ecko men’s {small} button down shirt purchased in Vegas while the husband was shopping
* Vintage gray sweater vest
* Calvin Klein very old denim pants …it should be know that these lovely pants have been in my closet since I was about 19 – maybe 20. And while they are so very high waisted that they can only be worn with shirts over them, I still find that I wear them quite often. It should also be know that the zipper refuses to stay up …another reason a longer shirt is a necessity. Yes, clothing malfunctions happen to the best of us.
* Burberry short trench coat …definitely save up for a Burberry trench, or ask everyone to pitch in for one for Christmas because it’s a fabulous wardrobe booster that will never go out of style …but even if it does, it will come back. It’s timeless and if you take care of it, you’ll have it forever.
* Rosegold gray ankle boots quickly becoming a fave …though I almost wore my Hunter rain boots but it just wasn’t raining hard enough to justify them …I got these boots on GILT and can’t find them anywhere else, however, they have gone back on sale on gilt since I purchased them …these little Joe’s Jeans lace up gray boots are adorable!
* Vintage Gucci bag …though my LV speedy probably would have looked better, I couldn’t be bothered to change them out. My new DVF blue suede number may have been my favorite option, but it hasn’t arrived yet.
* Vintage rhinestone necklace, not so vintage rhinestone earrings, my wedding band and engagement rings and a few stacking rings

* * * * *

About three of my shots came out clear today {this was Friday actually} and only one in the rain. But the rain drops looked so cool in the photos {like snow} I had to use them. A day will come very soon I hope, that I will finally have a glorious camera that will take glorious photos. I thought I wouldn’t need one but I am absolutely convinced now that I needed one about 2 years ago.

You see, the very impatient side of me loves being able to pull my car over on the side of the road, set my camera on various flat parts of my car, set the timer on my canon powershot and be done photographing my outfit in 5 minutes. This is the exact side of me that has been hesitant about getting a pro camera. But the perfectionist in me wishes every one of those quick outdoor shots were crisp, clear and usably perfect without having to photoshop them {especially when sometimes impatience takes over again & I do a poor job because I just need it DONE}. So Impatience will have to duel it out with Perfectionist once a tripod and a lens and setting up the perfect shot become part of the process. I’ll letcha know how that goes in a few weeks ;). Hopefully swimmingly.

jeans+button down+sweater vest+burberry trench+gray boots+curled hair+doorstep+rain


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