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Turn A Necklace into a Headband Crown DIY

diy rose gold necklace headband - hair tutorials

Not a ridiculously original DIY but easy, pretty, and versatile. I was wearing this vintage necklace around my wrist a few weeks ago and playing with it, I randomly held it up to my head, then instantly wanted to turn it into a headband. I love the rose gold and the chevron/leafy/Roman headpiece feel it has. I didn’t remove any of the necklace closure parts just in case I want to turn it back into a necklace in the future, but with the band on it, I can still wear it around my wrist, which I love.


Necklace Headband DIY -materials

* Necklace about 14-17″ long – though I have a big head so to test to see if yours will work, lay your necklace over the top of your head and it should hit just below/behind your ears at the base of your neck.
* Elastic OR use a no-slip band in a similar hue like I did.
* Needle/Thread/Scissors
* Lighter


Necklace Headband DIY -1

* Cut a piece of elastic or band from 6-8″ depending on how long your necklace is. You want it to be tight enough to stay on but not too tight that it slips off your head. Hold it around to your head to measure if it helps.

Necklace Headband DIY -2

* Singe the ends to prevent fraying.

Necklace Headband DIY -3

* Flipping both the necklace and the elastic upside down, hand-stitch about 1/2″ of the elastic securely to each end of your necklace. I probably used about 10 stitches on each side, going under and through the necklace links and a few over and around the top. {notice that I hid the necklace closure under so the top would have a clean line}

* You can use glue if you must, but I prefer stitching because I know it won’t fall apart when I’m wearing it. Also, as I said above, if I want to someday wear it as a necklace again, it’s as easy as snipping the threads.


Necklace Headband DIY -

rose gold chevron leaf necklace - headband DIY

Have Fun!


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