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Above: This is me yelling to my mom – DOES THE ROOFLINE LOOK LIKE AN “M”? AM I IN THE CENTER? YOU’RE NOT DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM ME – AM I IN THE CENTER? She’s yelling YESSSSSSSSSSSS – For the record, MOST of the shots I WAS NOT IN THE CENTER. We die laughing when we shoot together. Every single time.

What I’m Wearing…

* Lee denim coveralls
* Marc Jacobs combat boots
* Vintage sunglasses – similar retro sunglasses here
* Green & gold iPhone case with fur strap – though most of my crystals have fallen off the pop-it, I have them all to glue back on, lol – but I don’t even mind it without them.
* Sophie Hulme box bag with DIY Flower Strap
* Army green bomber jacket – but I just found this one with pink sleeves and floral embroidery and is only $25

* Title: Berlin – Take My Breathe Away theme from Top Gun

The Top Gun title is specifically because coveralls remind me of the movie and of every “awkward” girl in an ’80s movie, who also happens to work on cars, in many instances. I love them. I love the ’80s and I love the movie Top Gun. Who doesn’t?

I have a flight suit that I wear on Halloween – it’s real. I actually bought it in the boys’ section of an Army Navy Surplus store in Burbank a hundred years ago and just wore it again for Halloween last year. It’s easy. It’s comfy. You can’t go wrong. You can see me wearing it here way back in 2008!

I’ve been wanting a denim version since I saw Sophia Amoruso basically living in hers last year… and I think hers was AMO -but at nearly $400, I couldn’t bring myself to splurge on it. I also thought the legs were a big wide and wanted a slimmer fit. However, I DID NOT want a tight pair -like my skinny overalls by Free People – that I love BUT… I wanted a comfy pair of coveralls I could literally throw on and go.. and during Shopbop’s last sale I finally found the perfect pair.

They’re by Lee Jeans (which makes me giggle also because the brand for some reason also reminds me of the early ’80s) though they’ve rebranded to “Lee Vintage Modern” (for probably the reason I listed above) and called Union Coveralls and they’re perfect. They’re a little stiff but will break in just fine and they even come with some black paint “stains” lol. I wanted them to fit a bit loosely, so I ordered a Medium instead of a small and they’re the perfect fit. I could almost go baggier but then I’d get lost in them. I’m telling you, I’ll be wearing these on a pretty frequent basis, I can already tell.

So my advice is to size up, unless you want them to fit tightly… if you want a little room, go up.

Above: This is me trying to get an above shot of my shoes and bag strap with my phone and my mom yelling at me from across the street with my Nikon camera – YOU’RE NOT GONNA LIKE THE WAY YOUR STOMACH LOOKS, PULL THE FABRIC IN — lolol – so I did.

Above: I forgot about this little tattoo on the back of my neck until I saw this photo… I remember getting it when I had a super short haircut, like the back was shaved-short and I was 22 I think… and then after a while I didn’t love it so much but it didn’t matter because unless my hair is up, you didn’t see it… so then at 27 I got another neck/back tattoo that was a little larger and right below it just so it felt more substantial… but seeing it here made me kind of love it again, 20 years later. Life is funny. For the record, I don’t regret any of my tattoos – even though THEY ALL SAID I WOULD 😉

They are basically a little time map on my body and I hate when people ask me WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I’m not gonna tell you DUDE (cuz honestly, it’s always a man who asks) because it’s personal. They’re mine, for me. Most have meaning, some don’t. This one doesn’t.

Happy Hump Day Lovecats!

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