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My Custom Paint By Numbers Paintillio Painting In My Office

love maegan painting with french bulldogs inspired by Marilyn Monroe in home office

Lovecats! I finished my painting and I LOVE IT!

I had SO MUCH FUN painting this that I miss it now! It took me about two weeks to finish and was the thing I looked forward to the MOST every day. It’s one of those things you just can’t wait to finish but it’s bittersweet because it’s such a nice experience getting to paint it that you never want it to end! I definitely want to paint more now!

In case you missed it, I was given the opportunity by Paintillio to get to PAINT a custom paint by numbers canvas based on ANY photo I wanted. I chose my photo, sent it to them, and received an amazing kit including a canvas (with my photo outlined and numbered), beautiful custom paints in little glass jars (that I can still use now because I have so much left over!), paint brushes, cloths, an apron and an easel to work on. You can check out my original post on my custom Paintillio here AND You can see my entire process and painting progress on my Instagram stories Highlights!

Here’s the best part! You can get your own custom paint by numbers from Paintillio AND help them grow their business so they can create even more amazing products!

But there’s only 6 days left, so you have to act now! I know their kits are kind of expensive, but it’s so worth it. They have two smaller options as well, so really read through their Kickstarter page to know exactly what they’re offering.

I’m going to buy one for Dogwood so I get to paint another one and I’m hoping if it’s big enough, I can make it a fun little community project to keep up at Dogwood and have everyone pitch in to help! How fun is that?

But until then…

Here’s where I hung my painting…

My home office sitting area… which is very fluffy and silky and textured and pink and gold and silver and ALL THE THINGS and I still love it.

I haven’t done a final home office tour in this house because I never felt like my office was really “done” lol – do you ever feel that way about your home and specific spaces? I love it, but it’s not quite right yet. But I’m loving my sitting area now, especially with my painting of me and the Bobes. (here’s what this wall area looked like before) And if I have to sell my house soon, I’ll do a full tour before I do. Either way I’ll do a full tour soon!

It makes me smile every time I walk in!

Trevor and Randy love it too, obviously 🙂

See my Paintillio Experience here and find out how to get your own custom paint by numbers painting!

F O L L O W @Paintillio on Instagram and * S H A R E * their story to help them hit their Kickstarter goal today!

Happy Friday Lovecats!

* THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED, nor has any of my work for or with Paintillio been paid for. They did, however, send me one custom painting kit to work on – and I just loved it so much, I couldn’t stop blabbing about it 🙂 xo

Maegan Tintari

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