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Utilizing Awkward Spaces: Kitchen Edition

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Written by guest contributor Paisley Hansen

For many people, the kitchen is the heart and crowning glory of their home. Not sure what to do with a small space? What about those awkward spaces that no one really knows how to use? Make the most of the space in your kitchen and add to the flow of your home with the following tips for every space.

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Small Space

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Is your kitchen smaller than you would like? There are a lot of ways you can make good use of your space no matter where you’re lacking space the most. Counter space is one of the most coveted areas in the kitchen, so use the walls instead. In lieu of a knife block sucking up real estate, mount a knife rack on the wall. Hang pots and pans from a rack on the ceiling or wall. And you know that wall space just behind the stove? Build a little shelf into the backsplash there to set cooking items that might otherwise take room on a shelf or counter.

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Free up some drawer space by hanging utensils like spatulas and whisks on the sides of your cabinets. Hang measuring spoons on the inside of cabinets, and mount metal towel bars inside a cabinet or pantry door to make for less cluttered cabinet space.

Another great way to free up some space and contribute to the flow of your home is by installing a sliding door. Grab some sliding door hardware and install it as the door leading into a pantry or living room. You’ll save precious space by having a door that slides instead of swings open.

Awkward Space

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Corners in kitchens can be particularly awkward and a little bit hard to deal with. If the corners are in your pantry (if you’re lucky enough to have one!), use a lazy susan. If the corner space reaches from floor to ceiling, install a tall lazy susan. If it covers several shelves, get a separate lazy susan for each shelf.

A lot of times the awkward space is in those corner spots where drawers meet. Instead of having drawers that you have to struggle to open because they get in the way of each other, install a series of corner drawers. These drawers will reduce the hassle while still giving the appearance of separate drawers.

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Sometimes kitchens have a little space above the cabinets; in some homes it might be a favorite spot for a cat to hang out in, but in other homes, it’s more of a dust-collector. Make use of these spaces by adding to the decor of your kitchen. Put decorative baskets up there, frame some art and lean it against the wall, store your cookbooks—you can even fill in the space with some plyboard and paint and a little DIY effort.

Floor Space

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Other than tearing down walls, there’s not a ton you can do to create more floor space. There are many ways, however, to create the feeling of more space, and they don’t have to be expensive.. If you don’t have an island (or would actually like to remove the one you have), you can opt for a kitchen cart instead. Already popular in many European kitchens, kitchen carts are great for small kitchens because they give you many of the benefits of an island but are more versatile. Wheel it into the center of the kitchen for food prep or for use as a buffet table; roll it out of the way when you don’t need it.

An eating space is important, but a kitchen table and chairs can take up a lot of space. Look for chairs that fit comfortably under the table. Additionally, taller tables usually give the feeling of more space.

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With just a little bit of effort, any kitchen can seem more spacious and comfortable. Incorporate some of the above tips into your kitchen and you’ll easily and beautifully add to the flow of your home.

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