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Lovecats! There’s an all new FREE 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak called Desire & Destiny beginning July 17th, and I’m excited to add a new meditation to my library.

I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve been slacking on my daily meditations and I can feel a HUGE difference in my mood and mental health. The stressful and busy times are probably the most important time to take care our mental and physical health, but they’re also the most difficult time to make those things a priority.

I find that when I’m taking care of myself a little bit each day though; even just getting in a quick hike or walk, doing my 20 minute meditations, and finishing my day with stretching and yoga at night, I’m not only much more capable of getting through the hard times with grace and ease, but I also feel better about myself having done them.

Making time for ourselves in these ways reminds us of our worth, assures us that we can accomplish things when we feel overwhelmed, and additionally, benefits our mental and physical health.

Im excited abou this new free meditation experience, Desire and Destiny, because as much as I do finally feel like I’m on a few paths I’ve been searching for and dreaming about for so long, I’m still at what seems, the starting point with them. I’m in the phase where any doubt could kill the desire and ruin the dream, and although it’s natural to feel doubt in life, and sometimes directs you to the right path, it also has this ability to make you question everything you know in your heart is right.

When I do fall into a doubt hole, I force myself to remember the feeling I had when I took the path and remember the reason I chose it in the first place. This usually puts a smile on my face and reignites the passion and excitement I had in the beginning when it was just an idea and then raises my energy and vibration around it in the moment when things get so difficult that I doubt it all and want to quit.

When things line up perfectly to point you in the right direction, you have to take that path and even when doubt creeps in, and everything seems too difficult to manage, you have to remind yourself that this is your purpose, and these are your dreams, and we only have this one life to live (as far as we know), because from that perspective, taking the leap seems to be the only choice. Because life is about risk and adventure, from finding love to finding your purpose, and I say risk it all for a life you love, even if you lose everything, because otherwise, it’s just not a life at all.

If you haven’t found your true life’s purpose just yet, this meditation journey may help… but also, sometimes what helps is to stop looking so hard, try out a million different paths until you find the one that looks most beautiful to you and then you’ll know for sure that it’s the one to walk down. Where you are is only where you are… where you’re going is what matters and dwelling on what’s going on now instead of where you want to be won’t get you where you want to be, it will only keep you where you are… and sometimes, during the times that seem difficult to stay on the path, I have to remind myself of this daily. And other times, it all just comes naturally.

* This mediation also comes with a free e-booklet to help guide you to destiny and fulfill your dreams.

* If you’re not sure how meditation can help you, check out this post The Benefits of Daily Meditation which outlines over 30 ways in which meditating daily can change your life!

Happy Meditating, Lovecats!

* And cheers to mental health and wellness!

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