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Do These Exercises & Watch Your Butt Get High!

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DIY Cut-Out Heart Pockets Jeans

Lovecats, this is hilarious… but also AWESOME… and I have to say that for a year now, I’ve been committed to my nightly butt workout at least 5 days a week, if not 7 and let me tell you WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES!

While I’ve always been pretty happy with my ample backside, sitting and aging left it a little droopier than I was used to. So last year I decided to do something about it and head into my ’40s as toned and as tight as I could get my 39 year old self to be {within reason – I’m no fitness buff, by any means} and I’m still working on it. In fact, it’s become part of my daily routine and once I commit to something long enough, it sticks and it works… and I’m happier for it on many levels.

Along with my own version of yoga/pilates/stretching/strength-trainging nightly workout, I do a few of the butt workouts listed below on this infographic from WeAreTop10 BUT I also have a few of my own butt workouts and tricks that work wonders and are super easy as well.

I’ve contemplated snapping my “butt moves” a few times, but they always feel a little too vulgar to post, lol, but one day I may end up actually doing it because once you know how to do it, your butt will thank you… And you will thank me because it’s such an easy trick and it totally works!

The last few weeks have been “butt tastic” on Cosmo’s snapchat but if you missed it, they’ve got it all outlined on their site “Best Butt 2016” and I actually learned a few new things about our butts – for instance, our butt muscles are the larges muscles in our bodies! AND doing workouts specifically designed to tighten and work our gluteus maximus actually helps reduce back pain and improves our ability to perform everyday activities preventing injury and pain. The inforgraph below also has a section near the top with more benefits that I love.

But really, I do my butt workouts so my butt stays nice and high and round because well, AGING, and well, SITTING. SO do these butt workouts every day Lovecats, and watch your behind get high 🙂 SERIOUSLY.


Infographic source: WeAreTop10

Below are a few of certified fitness trainer Amanda Lee‘s best butt tips:

1. Raise your heart rate up with high-intensity circuit-training instead of straight-up cardio. “I don’t do a lot of cardio because it’s the most time-consuming,” says Amanda, who works out for about 45 minutes four to five times a week. She also worries that cardio will make her lose weight. (“I’m obsessed with not losing weight. If I look at the scale and it goes up, I get excited I gained 2 pounds,” she says.) Instead of clocking minutes on the elliptical or stair climber (which is notoriously good for lifting the butt), she goes through stair-climbing motions with other exercises such as step-ups. She’ll do a few sets and then move on to another butt builder, like squats.

2. Switch it up. “Variety is even more important that working out regularly,” Amanda says. “Try to change it up every time you work out: Instead of doing a regular squat, do it while standing on a BOSU ball, or do a walking lunge, elevated lunge with one leg on step, or a side lunge.”

3. Mentally focus on your butt. “So many people go through the motions and don’t see results because they don’t connect the mind and the body to really feel the exercise,” Amanda says. “You can’t go through the motions — you really have to squeeze your butt and engage your abs to benefit.”

You don’t get a high, tight butt by sitting on it!

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