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Food & Friends | A Lesson In Poaching Eggs & More

Josh and Rafi {the fabulous design duo behind FORM Los Angeles and friends we met in our old neighborhood} are by far the best house guests you could ever be so lucky to have stay with you for a little weekend visit in your home.

Now, this is not to say that all of our other guests are bad, because they’re not at all, it’s just that Rafi and Josh go above and beyond anything you would ever expect from guests. So needless to say, we love when they come visit… and not just because they cook for us and give us amazing design, landscaping, & decorating tips, but because they’re also just really really great guys and are super fun to hang out with.

On their last visit, about a month ago now, and after I commented on one of their gorgeous Instagram food photos, they brought all the ingredients up and gave me a lesson in poaching eggs. After an early morning paddle boarding adventure, they got busy in our kitchen making the most amazing dish and teaching me along the way. And then we sat down and had an amazing Sunday brunch together before they packed up and headed back down the mountain to their home in LA…

We miss them already.

in the kitchen

They made | roasted tomatoes with sauteed spinach, poached eggs with a rosemary, jalapeno, avocado sauce with a side of Israeli salad… and here’s how.

roasted tomatoes

roasted tomatoes with olive oil & salt and pepper… & into the oven

sauteed spinach

sauteed spinach


avocados, jalapenos, rosemary… pureed

cooking in the kitchen

LeRoy, quality control, always on the lookout for dropped morsels

chopping cucumbers

israeli salad

Israeli Salad: cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, parsley, mint, olive oil, lemon, salt/pepper {maybe doused with a bit of rice vinegar -maybe not}

Let the poaching begin…

poaching eggs

Basically, poaching means cooking your eggs in simmering water {not boiling & at approximately 190 degrees} in a large skillet, filled with about one and a half inches of water and a tablespoon of white wine vinegar. There are special egg poaching pans you can use, but Josh prefers the look, feel, and taste to the free-style method. Cook for about 4-5 minutes

poached eggs cooking

Remember where you began and carefully drop your eggs in a circular motion around your pan so you know which egg needs to come out first

* For more tips, check out this video: How to Poach an Egg *

roasted tomatoes with spinach

Prep work: place two roasted tomatoes on each plate, add sauteed spinach…

food blogging

Behind the scenes 😉

cooking poached eggs

carefully spoon out poached eggs…

poached eggs on roasted tomatoes and spinach

and set one atop each tomato/spinach

avocado sauce

add the yummy avocado sauce on top, salt & pepper… and Israeli salad on the side

And… Eat

poached eggs

poached eggs brunch

I want to make it again right now! Yum!

They were recently featured on an episode of NBC’s Open House and walk us through their renovation and custom-designed interior of a modern architectural home in the Hollywood Hills.

It’s a must-watch! But If you can’t see the video above, click here: Designer Living: Modern Architectural Design

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* You can get a small glimpse of THEIR fabulous home from the Murder Mystery Dinner Party they hosted last year, which was off the charts hilariously amazing.
* They also recently created a really great bag for charity which you can see here: FORM LA Presents an Unexpected Journey for the A + D Museum’s ‘CELEBRATE’ Annual Fundraiser
* And they’re maybe the best Zombies for Halloween I’ve ever seen.

The husband isn’t in love with eggs where the yolk is visible like this, but I just LOVE them. If you have any recipes or tips for egg poaching, sides or dishes they’re great with/on, or just your favorite way to eat eggs, let me know in the comments… we’re trying new things and cooking every day now 🙂


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