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karen zambos dress, camo jacket

What I’m Wearing…

* Karen Zambos dress… also seen just last week in a totally different look
* Camo jacket… thrifted for $5, it’s an original army shirt/jacket {I ripped off the name patch ;} See it also here: Camo and Cheetah and Cords and here: Camo and Jeans
* Tiffany&Co gold “T” pendant necklace
* Square tortoise sunglasses by Stella McCartney
* White leather Rockie bag by Alexander Wang
* Navy Cotu classic sneakers by Superga

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* Title: the title of an insanely dark, mostly instrumental but very cool album by Cindytalk 1984

Oh man am I trying to find a work/life balance like nobody’s business lately. Between the baby blues, this positional vertigo I’m dealing with, the fact that one eye gets watery and tired when I work at my computer leading me to believe that I need glasses {which, granted, I’m kind of excited about} and just generally taking on too much work, I can’t tell which issue is getting me down the most. It’s just all of it right now, and on top of it, and just like I judge myself for the way I feel about not being able to get pregnant, I can’t help but think I’m just being a giant baby about it all. People have far more stressful lives than I do, but somehow I can’t seem to handle it like a boss. Maybe it’s just too much work time and not enough down time… Something’s got to give I suppose, because I can’t seem to get out from under this negative thought cloud right now 🙁 dumb. debbie. downer.

camo jacket with dress

camo jacket

karen zambos dress with camo jacket

Happy Thursday Lovecats!

I’m am really excited for the return of Project Runway tonight!!! It feels like it’s been forever. Also, and this feels a bit weird because I’m such a Summer-lover, but I can’t wait for Winter.


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  • Mana

    July 18, 2013 |

    I adore this outfit.
    Even the people that have more stress than you handle it badly sometimes, you just haven’t seen them have their freak out. They bottle it up until they have a heart attack, they kill someone or they disillusion themselves into believing the problem isn’t there anymore.

    I do think you should find a way to relax and just breathe. However that works for you. I don’t really have any advice on how to do that because I’m not good at it myself. Because those who can’t do teach or some dumb cliche right here.

    And you would look great in glasses.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  • Jennifer

    July 18, 2013 |

    Love, as always!

    xo Jennifer

  • Chelle

    July 18, 2013 |

    Actually such a great outfit (as always). Love the casual-cool vibe, and that jacket is amazing in so many ways! Also excited for Project Runway to come back, eek.

    Xo Chelle

  • A.Co

    July 18, 2013 |

    Meh, I feel you… sometimes we just have down days… or weeks… or months… this too shall pass. Today SUCKS for me, so did yesterday… but things could be much worse like you said.. the funk. #wahwah

    In other news, I had a dream last night I had TWO pairs of Superga shoes, just like yours, navy and white!! Haha, your post just reminded me, and in my dream I was like, ‘These are the same as Maegan’s!’ pfffft. lol.

  • Anonymous

    July 18, 2013 |

    I love Fall. Although, our Summers are more like Fall anyway. I’m going to the Army surplus store this weekend so I can ‘copy’ you!

  • Anonymous

    July 18, 2013 |

    Hey, just thinking…….many of us don’t have a ‘place’ to relax. You are actually living at a vacation resort, which, if you can manage to ‘take a few’ days (even a weekend) to just relax by the water, (pretend you are on vacation), you just might feel a bit better. Maybe a few slow-moving Yoga exercises…….Hoping you will feel more relaxed tomorrow morning, Sunshine. Sending relaxing thoughts and wishes your way….

  • LesliMarie

    July 19, 2013 |

    I know ssshhh. But Im ready for winter too…which is kinda funny because I LOVE summer, but NY has been so hot.
    Im sur it will be snowing before we know it! Love the jacket.


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