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When she wakes up & makes up her mind

black and  white and  turquoise outfit

What I’m Wearing
* Vintage black blazer with beaded lapels …seen recently here, w/my shocking pink jeans.
* Silk dress with pockets by Gold Hawkseen here as a tunic w/ leggings.
* Tassel tie belt is from a Leyendecker dress I wore here. But I wear this tie belt all the time.
* Vintage rhinestone necklace, Gerard Yosca turquoise Drop Earrings from GILT, mixed bangles, vintage turquoise snakeskin clutch.
* Tom Ford cat eyes, STILL my favorite pair of sunglasses at the moment. I’ve been wearing them since February 2010… which goes to show that if you spend your money on quality items with classic styling, they pay for themselves as long as you take care of them.
* Topshop patent leather oxfords

* Hair: low messy side bun

* Title: lyrics from Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

I know this will amplify my nerd status or just show you how committed I am to my work…. but Friday night at around midnight, I FINALLY was able to change my link color in my posts to pink without it affecting my sidebar links. I know, dumb, but it was a 4+ year challenge that I finally accomplished and it felt pretty great. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t figure it out sooner because it was simple. Just one of those things, I suppose.

I received an email the other day from an upset reader, well, not really upset, more sarcastically confused that I had worn, listed and linked to a dress that was $115 when she thought I was a “looks for less” type of blog. And just to be clear, while I do love to find great items to add to my wardrobe at great prices, as well as make many of my own accessories and such, I am not, nor have I ever strictly been a “budget blog”. Not that there’s anything wrong with those blogs, I think they are great, I just don’t want anyone thinking I used to be one way and have changed into something else. I buy what I like. If I can afford it and I think it’s worthy, I will spend a small fortune on something but I do have my limits. And as demonstrated in this outfit, I am a huge fan of mixing high end pieces with inexpensive finds as well as great vintage treasures and DIYs. I almost ALWAYS spend money on a great pair of sunglasses and on bags. Shoes, sometimes. Everything else is a case by case basis. So I just wanted to clear the air and let anyone who may be confused know where I stand on that.

white dress-black blazer with glitter lapels-tassel belt


white silk dress-black blazer with beaded lapels-oxfords-shoes

black patent leather  lace up oxford  shoes

black blazer-white dress-rhinestone necklace-oxford shoes

details-beaded lapel-black blazer-accessories-jewelry-hair

black and white outfit with  turquoise accents

white dress -black blazer- rhinestones-turquoise jewelry

Happy Monday!


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