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…around the house, as of late.


The husband prefers to work at the dining room table in the middle of all the “action”, as I like to call it. And even though I love to see our beautiful table free of clutter, I try to look past his piles of notebooks and scripts because I know that’s where he gets his best work done. I, on the other hand, need my own space, separate from the rest of the house so when I’m done, I can leave that space and also leave work behind.

This book set on the dining room table, atop one of the husband’s neat piles, open to this page for a couple of days awaiting a curious reader. But instead, a curious lens came by and snapped some photos. All the while not realizing how much it had made me think every time I passed it.


I love this chapter title. It’s so true about life really. I’ve written here before of the panic/anxiety/depression I dealt with for so many years of my past. And when it popped its ugly head up again at the end 2009 for completely different issues, I forced my husband to allow change to happen in our lives …and we moved into the house that we are living in now. The house that has brought so much positivity and so much light to both of our lives, we can only look around quietly and smile. Change opens the doors to new life and new possibility …and sometimes it’s all you need. In 2009 when I was so overwhelmed with sadness at the thought that I may never get to conceive and have a baby …when that was all my life was about, we simply moved all of our belongings to a new atmosphere and somehow that was all I needed to realize I was so much more than “infertile”.

It has taken time but I look around our home filled with love and I look out our windows and see nature waving back at me and it just makes me so grateful for the life I have now, the life we’ve created together. It sounds so sappy but it brings tears to my eyes.

Our adventure has begun …and it gets better every day.

DSC_0290 DSC_0309

* I found this cornflower blue vase on a recent thrifting spree. I think I paid $1.35 for it.


* Doesn’t this orchid look like it wants to bite anything that gets in its way? Feed me Seymour!


* The weather has been absolutely anti-winter-like in LA lately and the dogs are lovin’ it up.


* My sweetest little niece, Delilah, in all her polka-dotted glory & neon chucks, picking out individual rocks and delivering them to me in our front yard …each of which I threw back into the yard when she wasn’t looking …my mother, on the other hand, would have saved each one of them. It’s sweet but she’s 1 Mom. She’ll never remember 😉


* You know I love a good LA sunset …this is from our backyard …that’s a big palm in the middle.


* The husband …playing games on our 3d TV.


* Bebop Pugman is acting like a tough guy here but really, he’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. At the moment, he’s got a horrible skin rash completely surrounding his entire Pug face, head, & upper back, is shaved bald in spots and is a bloody mess. He’s okay and being such a trooper even though I’m sure he’s so itchy he wants to scratch his entire head off. This shot was taken just before the rash. I’ll spare you the zombie pug photos, they’re too sad for words.

Exit Through The Gift Shop + Banksy +Art +Documentary

* And finally, I love that my husband was still overly excited about one of his Valentine’s Day gifts …even though it came a day late.

A day in the life …just grateful today really.

Maegan Tintari

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