Beneath the Palms ~ Pasadena Town

In our quest to find an idyllic yet affordable place to live in Los Angeles, which in itself is an oxymoron, husband and I have been pondering Pasadena for the last couple of weeks and decided to take a drive there Sunday afternoon.

After a quick stop in Toluca Lake, walking through a tiny, 2 + 2 open house for $779K, {idyllic but far from affordable} we headed west back to Studio City and got on the 101 Freeway at Laurel Canyon {to the 134, etc.} towards Pasadena.

what our drive looked like …although we did not film this

While there was no traffic, what felt like a rather long drive had only in fact been 9 minutes as far as the clock was concerned and we were only about two minutes from our final destination {we exited Colorado Blvd.}. { . . .in other words, the drive to Century City three days a week to the art gallery may not be as bad as I imagined}

Of the ten or so times that I have been to Pasadena {and the numerous times driving through it}, what I always remembered and loved was the amazing bridge you pass just before getting off the freeway. That is how I know I’m in Pasadena. While searching for an image of it just now, I found out some creepy information about one of my favorite landmarks. It’s actually called The Suicide Bridge {for obvious reasons – but click the link to find out more} …and while I am drawn to creepy things, I’m not sure how I feel about it.

photo via: here + more Pasadena history

While driving around we definitely decided that we would look for a house as close to Colorado Boulevard as possible in Old Town. The idea of being able to walk to the various restaurants and boutiques, that small town feel, is what really draws us there. However, it looks like we may only be able to afford North of Colorado Blvd. …but South is where the neighborhoods look like movie sets. And that’s what I’m after.

{a cute short film I found on youtube about Pasadena}

I’m wondering if any of my lovely readers may live in {or once lived in} Pasadena …and may have some words of wisdom for us. …Or maybe you just have some opinions {good and bad} I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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