Birkenstocks & Socks… Are We Still Feeling This Trend?

Birkenstocks and socks

Free People launched their newest collection with nearly all the models wearing Birkenstocks and socks… and I’m wondering how we’re feeling about it?

A few years ago Birkenstocks made a HUGE comeback, one we hadn’t seen since the ’90s… which actually made sense, considering all things ’90s came back to the forefront of fashion, and it’s still going strong, with a nod to the ’70s. And while I do still wear my Birkenstocks at home, and with socks, pretty much on a daily basis, (and wore them religiously with slouch socks in the actual ’90s) I’m not sure I’m ready to take them back out to the streets… or the hills, in my case, and I was wondering how you guys were feeling about them.

As adorable as the models look in them, I always feel a little sloppy in mine… but you really can’t deny how nice they make your feet feel 🙂

birkenstocks and socks - free people

Birkenstocks and socks

. . . S H O P . . .

birkenstocks and socks - free people spring

Birkenstocks and socks

birkenstocks and socks - free people spring 2017

Birkenstocks and socks

Birkenstocks and socks

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  • MA

    March 9, 2017 |

    My feet always looked weird in Birkis, and to pair them with socks, um no..☺ x

  • Martina

    June 25, 2017 |

    I love it, and frankly, I am tired of fast and furious fashion pace. The idea thta we need to change up what we wear every year is stupid. Its an environmental nightmare, and it costs too much. Yes, I can tell that designers are tryinf ro push back the return of high heels, and while I absolutely love a lower block heel, I am not going back to higharched, impractical shoes. Platforms can be great, but this doesn’t mean a practical, classy look like Birkinstocks and high rise shorts will stop being my go to for many, many summers to come.

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