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Combing Mongolian Fur Pillows

Rock n' Roll adult video game room decor

In the Fall of last year, I purchased two Mongolian Fur pillows for our game room (seen above). *our game room has changed a bit since then

And now, just over a year later this is what they look like.

Sad. Mangled. Miserable. Angry even.

mongolian fur pillow after a year black and white

Granted, they are not best quality of Mongolian pillows nor do we take care of them as we should. In fact, these type of decorative pillows should most probably sit in a formal living room that doesn’t get much action but looks really pretty. Ours were in our game room. The room where mostly boys live. This is no home for Mongolian fur pillows.

And then I had an idea… before tossing them in the goodwill pile, why not just comb out the hair? It couldn’t hurt to try considering the shape they were in. So I found my ginormous shower comb {which I never use} and gently combed out the hairs.

brushing my pillow

And it worked. Swimmingly.

mongolian fur pillows

And now I can keep them. All is well. 😉

Happy Saturday!


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