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Currently Obsessed : Large Animal Statues…

large animal statues and figurines as home decor

I have an area in my new office that is desperately in need of a vintage animal statue at least 24″ tall. And since I decided that the other day, I’ve been OBSESSIVELY searching for the perfect fit. Now, if I were say, looking for a bear or eagle wood carved sculpture, I could literally drive five minutes down the road and own one. Unfortunate as it may be, a woodland creature is not the animal I had in mind, and so my hunt continues.

I found an absolute favorite on Ebay last week {No.1 below} listed at $325 with a $110 shipping and just couldn’t justify the cost {even though I’ll spend more on a single bag or pair of shoes, which I cannot justify either}. I was secretly hoping this fabulous spotted cat wouldn’t garner any bids and then I’d contact the seller with a lower price and have it for myself. But alas, it sold, with one single bidder. And in my obsessive search, I may have spent nearly as much on smaller, lower-priced animal figurines I’m hoping I won’t regret upon arrival.

Though they are hard to come by, if you’re willing to fork over the cash, there are plenty of other amazingly gorgeous animal statues around, {it’s particularly the vintage Italian style I’m looking for, though a hilarious option is always welcome}. In fact, I’m almost tempted to buy a cheapy plaster or resin version and just paint it myself! And somehow, in the middle of all of this, I am reminded of my childhood, when I would have traded my left arm to have a certain life-sized carousel horse in my bedroom.

large vintage animal statues as decor

Links & Prices…

1. Large Vintage Italian Cheetah Statue $325 {sold ~ Ebay}
2. Italian Ceramic Lion statue $299 {sold ~ One Kings Lane}
3. Sitting Grayhound Figurine $317 {new @ Wayfair}
4. Vintage Fox or Dog statue $299 {Ebay}
5. Ceramic Whippet $949 {sold ~ One Kings Lane}
6. Pair of seated Whippets dogs $4500 {um, wow}

rooms with large animal statues

Other options not shown…

1. LOVE but too small… Vintage Ceramic Red & Orange Drip Cat Figurine Statue Sitting $99 {Ebay}
2. LOVE Vintage Italian Greyhound Large Ceramic Statue $299
3. GORGEOUS but too small Vintage white cat statue $125
4. Faux version Distressed Whippet Dog on Base Statue $135 {fiber stone-very light}
5. AMAZING… ly expensive Big Zsolnay Black Porcelain Art Deco Cat $780
6. Sold & ridiculously expensive anyway… Midcentury Cheetah statue $1499
7. Pair of Lions at Guard $240

great dane porcelain dog statue

I’m currently obsessing over this Great Dane statue… $800 at Jeannine’s Home Furnishings

Woodsy Chic decor boutique in Lake Arrowhead

animal statues, home decor

I had to have this Vintage Egyptian Cat figurine

she’s only about 12″ tall… but isn’t she so pretty?

Sources: Room one | Room two


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