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DIY Gold Mesh Neck Scarf & Choker // Vintage Purse Hack


So years ago I bought a set of three vintage Whiting & Davis gold mesh bags on eBay and this was one of them. As a simple square pocket bag, basically, it’s been pretty useless and though I’ve used the other two time and again, this one sits in my closet collecting dust. And when I thought about it for a moment, I thought about those vintage drapey meshy scarf/bandana-like necklaces and decided I could definitely make something similar out of the material on the bag AND refashion it, upcycle it, and maybe -actually use it.


And so I did, and I’m pretty happy with the result actually. And while I was cutting up the bag, I realized the strap would make a perfect little gold choker, and while you can use any closure, velcro is surely the simplest.

Here’s What You Need…


* Mesh fabric, or, in my case, a vintage mesh purse
* Sharp, pointed scissors
* Velcro
* Needle and thread
* Frog closure – or your favorite type of closure

Quick Choker Steps…


1. Cut your purse strap
2. Hold it around your neck to measure it
3. Stick on your velcro. TIP! Even if your velcro is self-adhesive, you may need a few stitches in it to keep it in place.

And… Voila!


So simple!


How pretty does it look layered with a black suede ribbon?! Love it!

Mesh Scarf Necklace Steps…


Cut mesh away from bag as carefully as possible.


Your bag will look like a pocket.


Find the corners and cut the sides to meet the corners.


It should be a long flat mesh rectangle… grab your closure and…


Fasten it to each end of the rectangle.

NOTE: I LOVE frog closures because they’re pretty and you can stitch them onto anything. You don’t need any jewelry-making skills to use them, but you still have a pretty and finished piece when you do.


Find the center/bottom of your rectangle and begin cutting one mesh chunk at a time until you’ve created a V

Mine is not a perfect V, but I liked it a little better with rounded edges instead of sharp/pointed ones.

And… Voila!



Have Fun!

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