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DIY Moss Potted Plant Decorative Cover for Basket

diy faux moss planter cover indoor tropical plant

I’ve FINALLY gotten a few leafy plants to survive in this corner of my living room!!!

The only thing that really works decor-wise in this corner is a plant… a LARGE plant… or a hanging chair, but a plant is easier.

However… very few plants enjoy this corner long enough to survive the winter due to the heater vent intake nearby, but I HAVE found a few tropical plants that work and that I rotate from my office window to this corner so that they get enough sunlight and circulation and whatever, I’M JUST HAPPY TO HAVE A TALL AND HAPPY PLANT ALIVE IN THIS CORNER.

HOWEVER… to make sure they stay alive, I keep them in their original pots because it seems that as soon as I replant them, they die. AND I need them to sit in this large basket so I stack the pots on “things” inside the basket to make the plant taller and to fit in the basket properly. AND I surround the inner planter with a plastic trash bag because otherwise water will seep out and leave a damn mildew mess.

Here’s what it has looked like for years now…

diy faux moss planter cover indoor tropical plant

In the process of trying to make my plants work in this corner, since it has been a “process” – I just left the planter and bag visible because my plants have always been temporary and have always disliked it -because it looks horrendous.

FINALLY the other day it got to me and I suddenly came up with a little solution to hide the ugly contents of my inner basket plant situation and I’m super happy with the results.

OBVIOUSLY if your planted pot to basket ration is small enough, you can just fill it with moss by tucking it into all the spaces in between, OR buy a moss top soiler – but since I had at least 5 inches between mine, and I wanted the soil and roots to be visible and open, I had to come up with something more substantial.

This DIY was very simple and pretty quick from start to finish and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to look perfect.

So let’s get started…

Here’s What You’ll Need…

* Cardboard ( I used a shipping box )
* Moss and Super Moss, variations … the dry orchid moss worked better with the glue and as a base than the wet moss
* Hot glue gun, glue
* Spray adhesive
* Sharpie
* Scissors and a blade



* Slide your flat cardboard underneath your planter or basket

* Trace around the outside to get an idea for the size, remove the cardboard and using a blade or scissors, cut out your shape.

* Find the center of your shape and cut a line from the edge to it.

* Cut out a circle in the center large enough for your plant to fit through it.

NOTE: I wanted to see the stems and soil so I cut mine as large as my pot opening.

* Try it out for size…

* Cut away any areas that are too large to make it fit snugly into your basket nicely covering all the unsightly areas you’d like to hide.

* Grab your dry moss and hot glue sections of it to your cardboard. It will start to look like a wreath.

NOTE: You can also use faux moss or any greenery you like…

diy faux moss planter cover indoor tropical plant

* Use your colorful wet moss to fill in the blanks and add more texture. I used spray adhesive in areas to add this … hot glue may work as well. Or use both!

* Allow it to dry, then carefully set it into place around your plant and secure it in your basket.


And… Voila!

diy faux moss planter cover indoor tropical plant

diy faux moss planter cover indoor tropical plant

diy faux moss planter cover indoor tropical plant

diy faux moss planter cover indoor tropical plant

Have Fun!

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