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Easy Instant Pot Recipe // Homemade Applesauce

Instant Pot Recipe: Homemade applesauce
* Recipe by guest contributor Laney Schwartz, creator of Life is But a Dish

There’s nothing like homemade applesauce.

Some things are created equal when it comes to making them homemade vs. buying it at a store, but applesauce is not one of those things. And the good news is, it couldn’t be any easier… Easy Instant Pot Applesauce

Instant Pot Recipe: Homemade applesauce

People often ask me what kind of apples to use when making homemade applesauce?

My favorite thing to do is use a variety! I think this creates the most complex and delicious applesauce you’ll ever taste. Go to your local farmer’s market or even an apple orchard and pick all different kinds! It’s fun for the kids too!

Instant Pot Recipe: Homemade applesauce

If you have an Instant Pot then you know how easy this is to make. Literally done in minutes! But this can also be made in a slow cooker which is just as delicious (it just takes more time).

It’s up to you if you want to keep the skin on the apples. If you decide to peel them, the applesauce will of course be much more smooth, but if you don’t mind a slightly thicker/chunkier sauce then keep the skins on!

Instant Pot Recipe: Homemade applesauce

I can’t wait for you all to try this. I eat it with EVERYTHING.

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You can thank me later.

Laney Schwartz

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