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Fall Dessert Recipe // Brown Sugar Pumpkin Cookies


* By guest contributor Laney Schwartz, creator of Life is But a Dish

I’m back on the pumpkin train. It’s pretty much impossible not to be! It’s just SO good. Agree? Are you with me?

I could definitely eat pumpkin bread and/or muffins all day long. Like, if I had to ONLY eat pumpkin muffins for the next month, I’d be okay with that. But today, I decided to make pumpkin cookies. Not just any pumpkin cookie.

Brown Sugar Pumpkin Cookies


brown-sugar-pumpkin-cookies brown-sugar-pumpkin-cookies-3

And not just any brown sugar. I use T-Sugar’s Belgian Cassonade Sugar. It’s the kind of sugar I could totally eat straight out of the bag with a spoon. (Not that I’ve ever done that).

We also need to discuss the texture of these cookies. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like cake-y textured cookies, then these aren’t for you. I, on the other hand happen to love it. These cookies are super soft, and almost have a cake-like/muffin top like texture. I’m totally into it.

And the flavor?! Out of this world. Pumpkin spice to the max! Oh, and that glaze to top it off?



Click through for the original recipe:
Brown Sugar Pumpkin Cookies


You can thank me later.

Laney Schwartz

Hi, I'm Laney! Home cook, mom, wife, workout junkie, and ultra crazy food lover! Creator of Life is but a Dish - a space where you will get a sneak peek into my world which mainly consists of food, family, and friends. Join me on this wonderful journey called life, one dish at a time. Find me on Instagram at lifeisbutadish

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