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Glamming Up Boring Ceiling Fixtures // DIY Feather Light

black feathers diy dining room lighitng fixture

Do you remember the black feather wreath I hung on the front door as part of our Halloween decor? {click here for a refresher} …well the other day as I was pondering light fixtures for our dining room {we have a boring, boob-like, ceiling fixture} I randomly held the feather wreath around the base of the “boob” and kind of fell in love. Since I don’t really want to bother with installing a new light fixture in this area, and don’t really want anything hanging low because it will compete with our Phrena pendant lamp in the living room, the feathers add the perfect touch, updating what’s already there for relatively little cost {feather wreath:$30, adhesive mounting squares: $6}

Here’s What You’ll Need…

diy feather light fixture+dining room lighting

* I swapped out the semi-eco-energy saving light bulb for a small CFL {bottom right above} to keep the heat down …just to be safe. I wanted to go with LED but the one I bought wasn’t bright enough. Since the wreath just goes around the base of this fixture, I’ll have no problem switching out bulbs if necessary. If possible, I’d ultimately like to find a brighter LED.

cfl eco light bulb in ceiling light fixture

* This wreath is rather light; feathers adhered to a black foam circle. Using these foam adhesives is really the easiest option because even though they say they’re permanent, they are relatively easy to remove if I wanted to …hopefully leaving the ceiling paint in tact.

DIY feather ceiling light fixture-dining room lighting

* Once you peel off all the back of the sticky foam, press up to the ceiling and hold for a minute, making sure the adhesives are “stuck”

And… Voila!

dining room ceiling fixture - before

feather dining room ceiling fixture light lamp - after

* The “before” shot actually doesn’t look that bad but let me assure you that this small ceiling fixture doesn’t belong over a dining room table. It’s very reminiscent of apartment or hotel lighting… which is totally fine in those settings but you need a little drama over the dining room table, in my opinion {not to mention, I have the same fixtures in the kitchen & the bathroom}

feather light in the dining room

Dining Room Progress // note: this is our old dining room

dining room+table with bench+bar+feather ceiling light diy

thanksgiving tabletop+dining room+tables with benches+holiday table decorating+decorarting with ikat and antlers+DIY table

* I’ll be working on an art project this weekend for either side of the mini bar/booze display & still contemplating whether to keep these old chairs or replace them …but I’m loving it so far.


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