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Go Tell the Weatherman all the Rain from Last Year’s Pain is Gone

What I’m Wearing…

* Puff sleeve flare leg denim jumpsuit from Unique Vintage (but I think it’s sold out there) I’ve found a few other places it’s being sold and more in the shopping widget below… Also, I sized up to a medium so it wasn’t skin tight and I love the way it fits! For height purposes, I’m 5’7″ and wearing a 2″ boot heel
* Black turtleneck bodysuit underneath
* Vintage red leather bow belt was my grandma’s
* Black velvet ankle boots are Chinese Laundry (gifted a few years ago actually, and I’m loving them right now) and also, I’ve truly and finally accepted the fact that less expensive shoes are just more comfortable not only on my feet but on my ankle as well. I love the height of this chunky heel (I think it’s 2″) and they’re sturdy and just overall a fine shoe. I have no purpose spending insane amounts of money on shoes… as most of them just sit in their boxes in my closet. I love the idea of them as a “collection” but also, not really. I just don’t wear most of them. However, handbags and sunglasses I will probably always fork out a pretty penny for…. but I also use them forever and far more. I haven’t bought a new bag or sunglasses in ages, come to think of it… 🤔
* Vintage sunglasses
* Salvatore Ferragamo red little bow bag (I’ve had for years and always pull out when I want a pop of red)
* Coats are all vintage and I’ve had for 20 years, making them double vintage lol – The black faux fur with gold buttons I’ve been wearing a lot lately, was my grandma’s and it’s from the 60s. The light brown one is Pendleton from last year and I’ve been wearing that a lot lately too.


* Title: Eddie Benjamin – WeathermanSo Tell Me Weatherman, What’s it Gonna be? Blue Skies for the Days! No darkness into my emotions… so tired of living in yesterday

Well, it’s February. We made it through the highs and the lows and the ups and the downs of January and this only means one thing; that we are one month closer to SPRINGTIME and warmer weather and longer days (and lower gas bills FORTHELOVEOFGOD)… and I, for one, couldn’t be happier about all of this.

And yes, we’re stepping into the month of love, with Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away and I’m going to suggest that we make it a month to love ourselves as much as we possibly can… although figuring out what that means might be half the battle, but I’ll try.

I, for one, want to set some hefty intentions for the month and most of all I am hoping to prioritize self-care rituals, journaling (which I’ve now been doing daily since last November), continuing my physical and mental health practices, setting and sticking to boundaries I set for myself and those that I set for other people, committing to keeping my schedule, even when it might seem more fun in the moment not to, because discipline seems to boost confidence and I feel more empowered when my actions align with my words. And speaking of words, I’m choosing EMPOWERED as my word for the month… maybe even for the whole year actually…

The more time I spend alone, writing, journalling, walking, being in nature, dancing in my closet, creating more and doing things I love and just being alone with my own thoughts (which is, admittedly, scary sometimes), I learn (or maybe, I remember) a little bit more about myself every day. I remember who I am at my core, what I truly want out of life now and moving forward and what I definitely do not want in my life now or in the future.

I’m on a major spiritual and healing journey right now and in order to truly change and grow, I think these things have to be at the top of my list – every single day. I have to be the priority in my own life. And… you know what they say… if you don’t love yourself, you cannot truly love anyone else. But it often feels more like, if you don’t love yourself, you can’t truly BE LOVED by anyone else.

So either way, this month (and every month after) it’s time to make sure YOU are the main character in your life and YOU love yourself THE MOST, no matter what ❤️

Self-love is the basis for unconditional love towards others and an abundant and fulfilled life in general.

In my closet…

I actually kind of liked all the coat options with this look… the light brown long coat gave it a more sophisticated look, the black military coat reminded me of the Beatles’ style for some reason, the thigh length black faux fur from the 60s gave it a more retro vibe, which I loved too but ultimately I went with the short vintage fur because it showed off the jumpsuit the most, whereas the larger/longer coats all hid it and it’s such a fun piece, it needed to be showcased. Also, it hinted at the ’70s, which I always love… but really, even though all the coats gave it a different vibe, they all kind of worked.

And as I mentioned on Instagram, as much as I love this fun layered and styled look, I’ll have the most fun wearing this jumpsuit in the summer with roller skates!


Happy February Lovecats!

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