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LOVECATS! I’ve missed you!

Life has been unsteady… April was a dumpster fire but the flames have been extinguished and I’m working on rebuilding and rising from the ashes.

Could I use ANY MORE metaphors in one sentence? Probably…. but I’ll spare you 🙂

After almost a month of silence and self care, I finally feel ready to share. Oh God, now I’m rhyming… as you can see I am not sure where to begin after so much time away but we’ve been working on a project and I’ll just start there.

Real estate in Lake Arrowhead has SKYROCKETED over the past year, as it probably has in your neck of the woods as well and out of pure magic, my mom and stepdad were able to purchase a little home in one of my favorite areas on the mountain.

The house was originally intended for my brother and sister in law to move into, but alas, they’ve decided to stay where they are and so now it’s the “family house” and we’re not exactly sure what we’ll do it with it. I might move in, we could rent it out or we could flip it… but this also means we’ve got a new RENOVATION PROJECT on our hands and while it has been incredibly stressful in some ways (as renovations almost always are) I’m starting to get excited about it now.

The house is in demolition condition at the moment, everything has been gutted, but here is what it looked like “before” when it was purchased.

The downstairs is basically just a living room, kitchen and small den/bedroom off the back door…

From the front door are stairs to the upper level where there are three bedrooms (as seen below)

We are in the midst of fun kitchen design and flooring options coupled with not so fun structural issues so it’s going as expected but hopefully in the next few weeks we can really make progress and have something to show for it!

Happy May Lovecats!

Let’s hope May is just fantastically amazing… or at least better than April.

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