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Life Makeovers // Transform Your Life One Easy Tweak at a Time

Oprah walking with her dogs

What Oprah Knows

O Magazine / Sept 2014

“I’m a big fan of the kinds of minor changes that add up to major delight.”

We’re just over the half-way point in the Oprah/Deepak 21 Day Meditation challenge and I’m just loving it.

I tend to do it as soon as I wake up, while I’m still relaxed and laying in bed. I’ll grab my phone, check my email specifically for that day’s meditation ONLY, read the two paragraphs and the centering thought for the day, take a deep breath and then begin listening to Oprah/Deepak and then let my meditation and mantra take over.

I lay comfortably under the covers the entire time, not worrying about my perfect sitting lotus or posture. At this point, I’m still just trying to make meditation a habit, so I allow myself to get into it any way I can, in the moment. And I think it’s working.

I love that it’s the first thing I do. If nothing else, I’ve done that, but beyond the meditation, the centering thought stays with me throughout the day and I love that too. It gives me something to reflect back on and get back to whenever I need it.

I think the hardest part of meditation for me, besides making it a priority and taking the time to do it, is that I’m looking for immediate results, and I know it just doesn’t work that way. However, I also know that I’ve read hundreds of times how beneficial it is, so at some point, it’s going to pay off. But until then, I will focus on my breath and each day’s mantra on repeat in my brain. Because what I’ve learned, even though in a panic filled moment, it’s still difficult to remember, is that my mind wants to focus on whatever I let it. And I’d rather that be a positive than a negative.

O, The Oprah Magazine’s September Issue

Hit newsstands / August 12th / ‘Makeovers: Transform Your Life One Easy Tweak at a Time’

The photo and article above are from the same issue so I thought I’d include the original cover shot as well and a few of Oprah’s cute quotes below based on her cover shoot… I think Oprah is aging very gracefully.

Oprah Here We Go Image

Oprah on embracing the drama of the cat suit in this month’s cover shoot: “I like pretending I’m a movie star.”

BTS July and August 2014

How she felt about the cover shoot:“I’m feeling pretty phenomenal on this cover. I was a little apprehensive about doing this cover in a bodysuit because as Maya Angelou says in her Phenomenal Woman, ‘I’m not built to suit a fashion model size.’ But it’s like something I’ve never done, it’s really kind of exciting.”

* Photo credit: Ruven Afanador
* Fashion Credits: Unitard: Capezio


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