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My Pseudo iPhone Case DIY Tutorials

white iphone 4 - clear iphone case

I love the way my iPhone looks without a case… I’m sure we all do. However, we know it’s completely impractical to carry an iPhone without a case save we drop it and break it and never forgive ourselves. I found this clear rubber case recently {at a kiosk at the mall for $20} and loved the simplicity of it. I especially love the mirrored glass effect it simulates around the edges when I’m looking at the front of it.

That said, the back is an entirely separate issue. The case presses against the iPhone and then appears to be sweating, like feet in clear plastic shoes. GROSS.

clear iphone case iphone 4

So I thought I’d come up with a few alternatives to hide and/or disguise the “sweatyback” — er, not to be confused with “sexyback“.

* My first and easiest solution was to simply slip a peacock feather in between the case and the phone.

clear iphone case-peacok feather

Slim enough to appease the way the case wraps around the phone and perfectly pretty.

iphone case with peacock feather

But I wasn’t happy just yet…

* Solution number 2: I found some pretty scrapbook paper and with a pencil, carefully traced the back of my iPhone onto it, cut it out, fit it in, traced the camera hole, cut that out, erased the lines on the edges & fit it in.

iphone case template diy
iphone 4 template paper floral case iphone case diy template clear case
iphone template case diy
diy iphone 4 template case skin

Which turned out pretty, but still not quite my style…

* Solution number 3: Since I’m madly in love with the photos from my latest mantelscape {yes, I’m even using it as wallpaper on my phone} I went to my computer…

phootshop tutorial iphone template

Googled a template, opened it & my photo in photoshop, highlighted the template, dragged it onto a new layer in my closeup photo, “stroked” it, deleted the inner lines I didn’t need, made sure the print size was correct by measuring my iPhone, printed it on matte paper, and cut it out as I did in the steps above.

And Voila! now I’m in love… it looks more like art than anything else, which is why I like it. But I also love that’s it’s consistent with the other side.

iphone case template diy - clear  iphone 4 case

The clear case is the most fun for a DIYer like myself as well as for someone who gets bored easily or wants to follow the latest trends. You can really run with this idea… imagine the possibilities!

Have Fun!


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