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New! Free Meditation Experience w/ Oprah & Deepak

free guided meditations

YAY! Oprah and Deepak are offering a new 21-Day Free Meditation Experience called Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit beginning March 21st, and I’m looking forward to it as I have each one that has passed.

I’ve got about 5 different guided meditation experiences downloaded on my phone that I listen to each morning when I wake up. I usually choose one 21 day cycle and start at the beginning, but I’ve really been wanting a new one to add to it, so I hope this one is great.

My favorites are Gratitude, Perfect Health, and Expanding Your Happiness and I generally toggle between those three. I also have the Success and Flow experiences, but I just don’t respond as well to those, so I’m really hoping this new one will be a winner.

Since I’ve been meditating for about a year and a half now, I can go into a meditative mantra on my own, just about any time or space {which admittedly, is VERY helpful while sitting in the dentist’s chair}, but I still enjoy waking up and turning on my guided meditation each morning to start my day. It’s become a habit that I love and I don’t get out of bed before doing it.

I was explaining to my mom recently, who can’t really seem to commit to meditating for a number of reasons {which is probably normal for a lot of you as well -as it took me a while to make it part of my daily life too}, to just look at it as a new skill to master instead of something that she’s doing to “fix” something that’s wrong with her, which in all honesty, is the way I leapt into it. I read a book on Buddhism and as I was trying to figure out meditating on my own, and feeling completely lost with it, I spotted the ad on OWN for the free guided meditation series. Since it takes about 21-30 days to create a new habit, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to really give meditation a try and an easy way to learn to incorporate it in my life.

I’m not sure how honest I really ever was with you guys about how intense my anxiety was at certain points of my life, but it was no way to live. After about a 40 days of meditation, I felt a change. Then after about 4 months meditation, my anxiety was nearly and completely GONE. (I talked about it AT LENGTH in my last Vlog).

I spent at least 13 years trying to figure out “what was wrong with me” on a number of levels. When I dove into meditation, it was really just to learn a new skill to live a healthier life, and the outcome was exceptional, which is why I recommend it so strongly and continue to post about these free guided meditations. It’s something you have to do every single day, just like brushing your teeth, instead of “when you feel stressed out”, etc., but once you make it a habit, just like anything else, you’ll just do it on autopilot as part of your day and the benefits are definitely worth the 20 minute commitment.

It has been an actual miracle for me, this is the truth.

You can register for the 21 Day Meditation here and they send you emails each morning to login and listen to right on your phone. If you’ve done this before, then you probably have the app, which makes them available each day to listen to instead of via email.

You can watch an exclusive advanced clip from Day 2 – Transforming Heavy to Light, right her if you like.

Free guided meditations

* PS, you don’t have to sit like this to get the benefits of meditation 🙂 I wake up, grab my phone from my nightstand, tap open my app, tap the meditation and lay back down in bed. You CAN, obviously, sit however you like, just don’t worry you’re doing it wrong, because you’re not.

Happy Meditating Lovecats!

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