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New Sunglasses ~ New House


Kind of in love with my new Tom Ford sunglasses which weren’t actually my first choice. But the OGs were not so great so I returned them and unable to find these anywhere else, I purchased them through amazon {Tom Ford Sunglasses – Anouk Tf 57 B5} for less than half of what the originals cost at Bloomingdales …and now I have a nice little chunk to spend thanks to my ridiculously fabulous husband.


I’m back to work today after a long and rainy weekend of moving and rearranging and cleaning and since I have no internet at the new house {which ironically was supposed to be set up last Friday} I am happy to be at the gallery today. And that may be the only time you will hear me saying that.

Trying to put an outfit together this morning via boxes/bags and clutter was no easy task. Hopefully, if the rain lets up I can get some outfit shots for a post tomorrow.

I am so so so glad we are over the huge hump that was moving day …and even though there is so so so much work left to do, I am so so so happy at the new house.

Here are a few shots of our new place in progress . . .

. . .before


. . . in progress


. . . the other view


In the photos, the walls look a bit blue but they are actually a medium dark gray with white trim, which is where the couch and flat screen are now situated. I chose a super light gray for the ceiling/entry/dining room and painted the wood paneled wall surrounding the fireplace in white {matching the trim and the white wood paneled wall in the brick room}. I’m leaving the brick as is in the step down/extra room. The gray grout/cement in between is a perfect match to the tv room.

The original kitchen sink faucet fixture was not only gross, it was leaking horribly at the base and under the cabinets and the sprayer was broken.


…so I picked up this new one for $99 at the local hardware store and my brother and step dad installed it for us on moving day while we were still packing up the old house …while my mom did some last minute cleaning {thanks family!}


The new fixture makes all the difference in the world. It no longer leaks and wastes water, has a working sprayer, is much more pleasant to the eye and makes it look less like a rental. However, the photo above wasn’t actually an “after” photo …it was more about the upper left side of the window which began leaking yesterday afternoon in the midst of our LA storm.


At the eve of our Sunday/rainy/moving day, this was the view of the sunset from our backyard. Gorgeous.


Ya know what they say about just knowing when you meet the man of your dreams? I think the same can be said about a home. As I was unpacking the kitchen boxes and filling our new cupboards with our dishes, I felt home. In fact, I finally feel like I am home, in general. And other than a few strange things that were written on the walls {as I believe the poor family that lived in the house prior were forced to move due to foreclosure} the house feels really really good and even amongst all the the boxes and clutter, it feels like it’s ours …and I’m pretty sure we will be here for a while …at least until our needs change again …but at least there’s room for growth now.


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